Who Am I?

Good question!

You may need to go and grab a cuppa and make sure your are sat comfy, cos we may be here some time. 

All though I have the qualifications nailed to my wall, I’ve learnt how to help other women lead better lives through the lessons I learnt, living my own.

From being a single parent at the age of 20, 

banging my head against a wall, because I was in a job that made me feel physically sick everyday,

being stuck at home (I was not created to be a house wife) with 2 babies under the age of 2 and a teenager, 

daily ignoring that my anxiety was getting the better of me  and making me the most insecure person on the plant,

and just totally loosing my shit, not know who I was, where I was going , or why I was even on this planet. 

I know and understand that life can be fucking hard. 

But also I know that we can do hard things. 

Just at that point of giving up on everything, life, marriage, dreams, ambition; you name it.

I had a wake up call, 

just like a bolt of lightning hitting me, as I sat next to my grandfathers grave sobbing like a baby.

I realized that the only person who could change my life, my situation was me! 

No one else was going to do it.

From there on in,

I simply choose to pull up my big panties, 

live simply and brave,

gravitating towards everything that nudges me towards personal and physical growth, and most importantly,

that lets me just me.

When I’m not coaching,

I am embracing mother earth with my family and our dog Moose, cooking on open fires, because my favorite place in the entire universe is either being on the beach or spending time in the woods. (I find those places so calming),

or snuggled up in our home, reading books, listening to pod casts and catching up with Netflix box sets. 

Underneath everything, I’m a complete and utterly introvert, going to parties or nights out, where there is are going to be lots of people makes me feel sick and gives me one mother of a fucker headache, before I have even left the house,

And yet I enjoy public speaking, hosting webinars and speaking to new people I meet in the street.

I have not also been the most confident person in, fact I spent most of my adult life focused on my imperfections and trying to be being perfect,

but all of that changed as I kept working on building my self-confidence. 

Which was the best gift I could have given myself because it thought me that I’m

”perfect in my imperfections.”

The word “imperfect” actually spells “I’m perfect” because everyone is perfect in their own imperfect way.

To challenge myself  everyday to do the things the mean girl voice in my head tells me I can’t.

This is why I enjoy coaching and makes me a good coach, cos I’m extremely aware and have experienced up close some of the hurdles that my clients come up against.  

Because I have been there, bought the t-shirt and lived it.

I teach what I know from my own personal experiences and understanding, with empathy mixed into the cocktail as well. 

I strongly believe, I can do anything I put my mind to and I be leave that of you to.

This way of thinking has changed my life so much, that my old life is unrecognizable. (Its almost like watching a film that I was playing a character in.) 

The bottom line, to who am? 

I am Emma, I have changed my life for the better in ways that a few years I thought would never be possible. 

If you want to change your life for the better, it’s totally within your reach. All you need is the right of help to get you started and then you will unstoppable.

Emma xx