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The Missing Piece of The PUZZLE

Yep, we spend way hours searching google, self-help books Pinterest, trying to figure out how we can change our life. 

We have read millions of personal development, personal growth, personal this personal that ….

Watched hours and hours of Webinars, taken pages of notes containing every trick and strategy  known to women, man, child or beast ….. 

And yet we still don’t do anything.


Because we if don’t spend the time to really understand and be clear why we are not doing anything within our power about changing, it really does’t matter how many articles, books we have read or webinars we have attended, because we will never change.

I grew up with that saying “You can bring a horse to water but you can’t make it drink it”.

If you don’t know why you are juggling so many balls at work or in your personal life,

or why you feel like you are banging you head against a brick wall,

or why your voice never seems to be heard (even in a room where you could here a pin drop).  

Don’t worry.

It’s enough, to just wanting things to change.

It’s enough, just knowing what areas in your life you want to change.

Coaching with me, will help you to change all those areas in your life. 

Are you ready to feel energized but calm at the same time?

Are you ready to feel fulfilled and content?

Are you ready to be completely unstoppable?

Good! You have found the right place.

How Does Coaching Work?

I’ll help you to understand why you and think the things that you do, as well as looking at what you actually want from your life, what’s actually going on in your head.

Then most importantly, how you can start making small changes.

This transforming insight into action works through four phases:

DREAM: How you would like your life to be, look and feel.

DISCOVER:  I’ll help you discover what is preventing you from change, what your roadblocks are.

DESTROY: I’ll help you destroy any limiting obstacles, beliefs and perspectives.

ACT: Most importantly, how you can start making changes that don’t have you heading for the door.

Warning !!!!

Moving forward means no-holds-barred honesty, 

no stone un-turned and digging deep into the mud the real stuff, 

is the ticket to helping what’s hurting you.

Just sitting there becoming a nodding dog, will not bring the change you are looking for and bring you a massive disservice,


Who Am I

emmaI’m a certified life and mindfulness coach, with years of experience helping hundreds of women just like you to stumble less and stride more.

Beyond my qualification sitting pretty in frames and more importantly than paper they are printed on, I have learned how to help women just like you lead better for-filling lives, through the lessons I have learnt during my own personal journey of nailing it.

So Are You Ready To ….

  • Give more of a shit about things that matter to you, and less of a shit about things that don’t?
  • Feel more confident and doubt yourself a whole lot less?
  • Stop worrying so much about what other people think about you?
  • Explore your thoughts, beliefs, and fears, so that you learn to trust and believe in yourself?
  • Get underneath the excuses and dig into the real stuff that’s holding you back?
  • Feel more certain, more settled and more content than ever before?
  • Feel clearer about what you actually want from your life and your time on this planet?
  • Work with an experienced coach who is honest and says it as it is with kindness and a dash of kick-up-the-ass?

Then Let’s Talk

Book yourself in for your free 30-minute introductory (discovery) Zoom (video) call. This session will give you a taste and incite of what coaching is like with me while making sure we’re a good fit.

We’ll get to know each other and you can ask all the questions you have about coaching and how I can help you.

Bring tea/coffee, and make sure you are somewhere you can relax with no interruptions.

We’ll discuss your payment options as well as a start date if you want to work with me!

If we’re a good fit and ready to get this show on the road, you’ll follow an easy, 5-minute booking process to fill in some information, make your payment and book your first session.

If you’re not actually interested in potentially working with me,

and you just fancy a free coaching session, please, please, please don’t click the button.
Book Your Free Introductory Session



Let’s make your life feel better than it does right now, shall we?

Working together via Zoom (video call), during our hour-long session, we will dig deep into the mud and unearth the roots of whats keeping you stuck.

You can expect from me; A massive warm hearted shift in your life, with sacks full of encouragement and support, with some firm kicks up the ass mixed in. 

Life and Mindfullness coaching explores who YOU are, so you can fully understand why you do, think and feel the way you do.

While looking at what you actually want from your life, what’s going on in your head and how you would like to living your future. 

BUT, most importantly, how you can start making changes that stop you from hitting your head on the wall. 

My coaching approach is NOT about simply setting goals for the sake of setting goals and then matching you through our session. My approach covers far more and will go much deeper.

Don’t get me wrong, while goal setting and solution seeking are two of the ways I work.

I’ll help you UNDERSTAND and EXPLORE yourself and your life through INSIGHTFUL

A-HA! conversations around your beliefs, deep-fears, thoughts, assumptions and behaviors. 

Basically, through our sessions, you will find the balls (confidence) to do the things you’ve wanted to do but thought you couldn’t!

Which from my own experience, is a lot easier when you have someone who’s been there, right beside you, on what is going to be the best decision of your life.



How much does it coast?

9 coaching sessions with me are £800 (in full) or £200 deposit + £150 over 4 months

Coaching seems like a massive investment. How can I justify the cost?

Cast you mind to all the things you used to try and feel better: expensive cars, pricey holidays, huge mortgages, extravagant nights out, spur of the moment shopping sprees, buying enough self-help books that you could open your own library, and the list goes on and on for eternity. While they are all wounder full and look really shinny (that a magpie would be interested in them), they’re all an attempt to feel a certain way, to feel better; about who the fuck we are and the life we’re living.

Yet people are scared to invest in coaching, because coaching is such an incredibly brave and encouraging thing to do. Why? Because it’s saying to your self “I’ve had enough of this.” It’s saying “I’m determined to make a change that lasts” and it’s shouting from the roof tops “No, I want more from life than this bullshit I am living.” Don’t get me wrong, holidays make us feel fantastic, but they only last for what 2 weeks of the year (if we are lucky). Then on the other side of the coin coaching gives us the same fantastic feeling, but for life.

I’m not sure if life and mindfulness coaching is for me? How do I figure this out?

In a nut sell, if you are sick to the back teeth of feeling out of whack, feeling like shit, aware that you are wasting your potential and frustrated watching everyone else more forward in their lives, while your not, coaching is for you! I have personally found, though my own life experience and through coaching, that most people are drawn to coaching because they feel (like I did) half hearted about life and indecisive, is the real reason that keeps them from deciding whether to actually get coaching. To help you, with your decision, let’s talk!

Why because coaching is a bit like buying a new pair of shinny shoes, you have to make sure they fit before you buy. So lets make sure that my coaching and personality is the right fit for you. If at the end of our chat, I’m not the coach for you, there are no strings, we simply say our goodbyes and that’s it. And I promise I won’t send you any cringe-worthy, sales emails afterwards either. Book your free discovery call here.

What kind of people do you work with?

I coach women who want to describe their life as more than just fine. Because fine is like describing a warm coffee or mediocre slice of cake that has no zing to it. Fine is not your entire bloody life! I coach women who, on the outside, seem and look like they have they have their life sorted, and yet in the side they are all over the place, slowly falling apart, sticking everything together with sellotape or supper glue. I coach women who are  are switched-on and understand themselves well enough to know that the apathy and frustration they feel isn’t something that can be helped by a glass (or bottle) of wine or binge-watching shows on Netflix all day long, and it’s not something they can “just get over”. I coach women who recognize that something needs to change in order to feel better about their lives, and they’re ready and willing to do whatever it takes to get there (within reason).

In saying all that, I am hopeful, but not delusional!

I live in the real would, and if you’ve got a mortgage and 3 kids, I won’t tell you to quit your job to become a full-time knitter creating hats for bunny rabbits.

What I do know is, I am not right for you if you are expecting a quick fix, a 10 step plan or someone who does not dive deep. Because coaching with me, goes deep, we might dip up the past which is still painful, but its a safe place for you to show your fantastic, messy, complicated humanness.

I promise you (with no fingers crossed) that by getting digging underneath all of the excuses and reviling all the really stuff is the only way to help, support and move on from, whats hurting you.

Oh and I am not for you, if you expect me to do all the hard work for you. Oh no! I put 100% of my self into the coaching process and into you and I expect my clients to do 100% the same.



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