Massage Therapy

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Bespoke Holistic Massage

A massage treatment completely bespoke to your wants and needs.

We all love to have a massage, but are you aware of all the health benefits they offer?

Regular massage reliefs stress, reduces anxiety, relieves tension headaches, eases symptoms of depression and promotes relaxation and better sleep.

They relieve postoperative pain, fibromyalgia pain, low back pain, osteoarthritis pain, rheumatoid arthritis pain, chronic neck pain and lower joint replacement pain.

Regular massage enhances exercise performance, improves cardiovascular health, improves balance in older adults, lowers blood pressure and increases the range of motion.

It also decreases stress in cancer patients, reduces chemotherapy-related nausea, tempers the effects of dementia and decreases symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Regular treatment will improve blood flow around the body, it will aid a detoxification process, it will activate organs to function better.


90 minutes   £50.00

Sink into a beautifully calming and balancing full body massage, designed to relax your mind, body and spirit. Immerse yourself in the restorative experience of totally organic aromatic body oils combined with warm bamboo style massage techniques.

Your body’s natural energy is restored with the stimulation of Ayurvedic Marma points, while the delicious aromas help to promote a deep level of relaxation, bring your body back into harmony, restoring flagging energy levels, helping to reduce fatigue, boost sluggish circulation and improve your muscle tone.

Includes an initial Health & Lifestyle Consultation and subsequent review in line with your needs at each visit.


45 minutes       £35.00

For a quick boost to your well-being, this wonderfully uplifting and energizing back, neck & shoulder massage uses specially targeted warm bamboo massage techniques along with carefully selected organic aromatic oils.

It delivers an effective energy boost exactly where it’s needed, while helping to banish any aches and pains from tense back, neck and shoulder muscles.

Includes an initial Health & Lifestyle Consultation and subsequent review in line with your needs at each visit.


60  minutes £40.00

Feel all your stress melt away in this totally organic experience. A Serenity Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage followed by an Indian Head Massage targets the areas of your body where you naturally hold onto physical stress.

Our professionally trained massage therapists use 100% organic aromatic oils to massage your tension away, using gentle pressure to ease any muscle stiffness and encourage a sense of warmth and peacefulness.

Includes an initial Health & Lifestyle Consultation and subsequent review in line with your needs at each visit.

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