Indian Head Massage

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Indian head massage has been practised in India for thousands of years. Children are massaged from birth by their mothers and they learn early how to give massages to the rest of the family. Women have head massages to keep their hair beautiful and glossy; the men have it to prevent them from going bald.

As well its cosmetic benefits, Indian head massage is an uniquely powerful stress buster. The head, neck and shoulders (which are also included in a massage) are classic places which hold stress and so massage can be an easy, swift and effective way of preventing tension from building up in your body.

Almost anyone can benefit, from a very young age to the elderly. The only people who are advised not to have Indian head massage are those with head injuries and those with epilepsy.

What benefits will I feel from having a Indian Head Massage

Traditional Indian Head Massage

45 minutes  £35.00

This is a traditional massage originally used by families across India to aid relaxation, promote hair growth and relief from everyday stress. Performed whilst seated you will experience total relaxation with upper back, shoulders, arms, hands, neck, head and facial massage. Indian head massage is great for improving blood flow to the brain, alleviates anxiety and improves mood, helps alleviate sleep disorders, improve texture of hair, relieves muscular tension and Deeply relaxes the face muscles, making you look healthier and happier.

Aromatherapy Indian Head Massage 

 45 minutes £41.00

Deep Peace – Botanicals aromatic blend of soothing lavender, rose geranium, sandalwood and marjoram, promotes deep relaxation, whilst enriching the skin with essential nutrients. This blend is promote restorative and restful sleep.

Detox – A luxurious treatment oil made from organic botanical seed oils, with a unique blend of ‘detoxifying’ essential oils to stimulate circulation, encourage the elimination of toxins,  help strengthen capillary walls and discourage fluid retention.

 Muscle Ease – A soothing and warming infusion of sandalwood, black pepper and frankincense, specially blended to help relieve sore muscles and soothe aching joints.

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