Do We Really Need To Make New Years Resolutions?

The one BIGGEST issue I can see with making New Years resolutions, is  "resolutions" implies we need to find an issue with ourselves or our lives that needs to be solved. There for we are starting off from a negative foot, instead of starting of on a positive foot. 

Is your health benefiting from the rhythm of music?

Drumbeats fill in the air from the native Indians, chants from the Shamans, melodies of Mozart and the simple genital lullabies our mother sang to us to help us fall asleep. Music, sound, rhythm has engulfed us all since the beginning of time, with our lives being surrounded by one massive sound track, within us, uniting and guiding us to heal our mind, body and spirit.

Do You Skip Breakfast?

There are tones of studies that show eating breakfast is vital to our health as a healthy breakfast provides our body with energy and boosts our memory for the day. But still millions of us skip breakfast everyday, mostly because we just don't have time before rushing out the door to go to work or do the school run. 

Can Mindful Exercise Keep You On Track?

There are two ways we get exercise naturally without going to the gym. One type is the exercise we do during the course of the day. Such as walking or cycling to work, walking the dog or going to the shop, mowing the grass, cleaning the house ect... The other way is where people discover the intimacy that nature has established between awareness and physiology. This type of exercise is very reassuring and delightful, particularly for us, who have given up on exercise and have become strangers of our body.