Increasing Your Energy With Meditation

Juggling responsibilities at work and home can leave you feeling stressed out and fatigued. Meditation is a safe and effective way to rev up your energy levels. Here's an explanation of how meditation gives you more energy and a sample meditation to get you started.

Is Chi Kung A Simple But Effective Exercises?

Chi Kung (also known as Gi Gong) is a marvelous form of mind-body exercise, as it combines breathing techniques with precise movements and mental concentration. If you practice chi kung regularly, you will reap many benefits; your energy levels will increase while your stress levels fall, improvement in flexibility and inner focus. As well improved concentration and even an increase in creativity and inspiration.

How Important Is Posture ?

Mothers around the world for centuries have been saying day after day: Stop slouching! When thinking about ways to improve our well-being, our posture doesn’t usually come to mind. Yet we could all feel a lot better in body, mind and spirit if we paid a little more attention to our posture.