10 Natural Ways to Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety can take over your life without you really knowing it. It's important to stay in touch with your inner self to maintain balance and notice when there might be a problem. If your anxiety is severe or causes you to panic, be sure to see a health professional. However, for day-to-day anxiety, there are … Continue reading 10 Natural Ways to Reduce Anxiety

Healthy Lunch Ideas Your Coworkers Will Want to Steal

When you bring lunch to work, do your coworkers run away because of the smell? Or, do they wish they could steal your lunch? If you try these ideas, you’ll be the envy of the office. Plus, they’re nutritious and healthy!

The Busy Woman’s Solution to Living Meditatively

As mums, everyday we are juggling responsibilities at home and work, which often results not being able to find the time to drink a hot cup of tea let alone finding time to sit down and meditate. While we are trying to organise our days, we can still start living more meditatively right now. 

It’s All In The Beets

Many of us are missing out on their variety of unique health-boosting nutrients because we don't use the whole of the beetroot in our diet very often. Why eat beetroots? ......

Do we need to add seeds to our diet?

In the past decade, seeds have been touted as being small vessels of bountiful nutrients, sprinkle-able ways to nutritionally enhance any meal. They are often considered ‘functional foods’, or foods that may provide additional health benefits, reduce disease risk, or promote good health. In particular, chia, flax and hemp seeds have vastly increased in popularity. These seeds are rumoured to increase fullness after eating, reduce food cravings, prevent heart disease, lower cholesterol and much more. But can such tiny things really be so powerful?

Can You Benefit From A Nutritionist?

We have all heard of the famous expression “you are what you eat”, but can mindful eating really alter the way you think, behave and feel? As winter approaches, it is no secret that we are more likely to binge on our favourite comfort foods and probably less likely to burn it off, but these winter treats could be giving us more than we hoped for, causing us to feel tired, sluggish and generally low.

Soothing Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate recipe packed full of B Vitamins niacin and biotin to support the normal function of the nervous system, Pantothenic acid contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and Adaptogenic herbs help mind and body adapt to everyday stress.

Raising Your Energy the Natural Way

In fact more and more people are reporting they are feeling more and more tired because the environment we live in has changed but the human body has not changed at all! Now this could be because modern technology is the ‘new convenience’ but at the same time it causes a consistent amount of distractions which results in relaxation time (or down time) for our mind, body and spirit a thing of rarity.

Is Sugar Hidden By Another Name In Your Food?

Did you know that sugar can be listed as an ingredient by up to 61 different names? Maybe the food you bought this week might not be as healthy for you as you thought!

Plant based lunch box recipes for that midday boost

should all be consuming a lot more fruit and vegetables in our daily diet, which is why packing yourself a plant based lunch box for work is ideal. Not only does it add a large verity of tasty, colourful, easy to make and eat on the go addition to your lunch menu. Your plant based lunch will also go you the extra boost in the middle of the day for more brain power, clarity and energy.