6 Tricks to Stop Anxious Thoughts In Their Tracks

You wake up in the early hours with your heart racing. You have a pit in your stomach. You feel restless, light-headed, and hot. Your mind starts to race, and before you know it, you’re worrying about the list of things that need to be done, a upcoming meeting or an event you are going to. Though mind and body reactions may vary, these symptoms are often an indication of anxiety.

Can essential oils boost my productivity?

When you are start your day tired, you know you have a lot to do that day and you wonder how you are going to get it all done, let alone concentrate fully on every task at hand,  essential oils are not always the first thing that comes to mind. This is because their brain stimulant properties are often not thought about and are sometimes less recognized.

How can being grateful enhance a good night sleep?

Getting a good night sleep helps heal and regenerate our physical and psychological well-being, and by expressing gratitude before we go to bed helps to promote a good night sleep.

How to Create Your Own Aromatherapy Tool Kit

For centuries aromatherapy has been a key component of traditional healing growing into mainstream wellness that leverages the benefits of essential oils from biomedical uses to natural skincare. While most complex aromatic remedies are best left to aromatherapists, building a starter kit with a few fundamental essential oils will help you incorporate aromatherapy into your everyday life and open you to a whole new world of aromatic therapy.  

How to Boost Your Immunity with Thieves oil

One of my favorite winter blends is called thieves oil, this blend of oil packed full of therapeutic, antibacterial and antiviral properties, which boost immunity and support the body's natural defenses. This blend of 5 essential oils is not a new blend; in fact this blend dates back in history as far as the Black Plague in the middle ages. 

Aromatherapy Benefits For ME Symptoms

Few of us, unless we have run a marathon or spent many hours awake with a sick, crying child can truly understand the profound nature of ME muscle fatigue. It can come and go quiet suddenly and people experience it in many different ways.