Do we need to add seeds to our diet?

In the past decade, seeds have been touted as being small vessels of bountiful nutrients, sprinkle-able ways to nutritionally enhance any meal. They are often considered ‘functional foods’, or foods that may provide additional health benefits, reduce disease risk, or promote good health. In particular, chia, flax and hemp seeds have vastly increased in popularity. These seeds are rumoured to increase fullness after eating, reduce food cravings, prevent heart disease, lower cholesterol and much more. But can such tiny things really be so powerful?

Is your health benefiting from the rhythm of music?

Drumbeats fill in the air from the native Indians, chants from the Shamans, melodies of Mozart and the simple genital lullabies our mother sang to us to help us fall asleep. Music, sound, rhythm has engulfed us all since the beginning of time, with our lives being surrounded by one massive sound track, within us, uniting and guiding us to heal our mind, body and spirit.