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I would like to take 2 minutes to introduce my self, my name is Emma and I am the wild child behind Wabi-Sabi Holistic Therapy.

I know what it is like when you find somewhere new that you are thinking about going to for a massage or health coaching session. It can be scary, you may feel apprehensive and you may never give it a go because of these feelings. So I just want to give you a little bit of information about who I am and my back ground to hopefully ease any of those feelings you may be having. 

All my life I have tried to live a natural holistic lifestyle because I be-leave being in tune with nature instead of fighting it is the only way to live a fulling life.

I have had to climb mountains at some points in my life at at other points my life has been a smooth road. Although I started living a holistic lifestyle at a young age, if I was really honest, I never really truly fully embraced it until I gave birth to my children (Paul, Eleanor & Jemima). I found being responsible for mini me’s made me look deeper into what I be-leave and how I wanted to live my life, so I started looking into holistic lifestyle and holistic healing in more depth.

Cutting a long story very short 19 years after the birth of my first child, I completed myMassage Holistic Massage Therapy and Health Coaching training. I then decided to open Wabi-Sabi Holistic Therapy well-being center, with a home from home feeling and a service that is completely tailored you, 

In order to give you a 100% client centered service, I strongly be-leave that learning / studying should not stop once I  gained a qualification as a holistic massage therapist and health coach, so I am continuing to learn more and have so far completed my Masters in mindfulness and I  am half way through completing my diploma in herbalism and nutrition.


When I am not at Wabi-Sabi Holistic Therapy, you will find me enjoying walking along the beach, cooking out doors in woodland with my husband and children, or at home snuggled under homemade blankets reading a good book by candle light. 


Emma xx



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