“I will be gentle with myself. If I find myself getting stressed, I will remember to pause, breath and remember, I create my reality. Today my reality will be filled with kindness and good health.”

Some people view mindfulness as a means by which to gain short-term relief from anxiety, depression or stress, while other presume mindfulness to be a cure for health problems or, recipe for inner peace and enhanced concentration. However, while mindfulness can support these common social issues, the primary aim of mindfulness practice is not to achieve any of these. 

Mindfulness is an Eastern practice to train our mind, it’s a practice that cultivates sustained conscious, wakefulness or presence. Mindfulness is also a life discipline for raising awareness of ‘what is’.

Practicing mindfulness is like building up a muscle, the more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes. Only rather than building up a muscle, practicing mindfulness strengthens our mind.

In Eastern culture, the mind is not merely about thoughts and beliefs, as we perceive it in the West. 

  • The mind is conscious awareness itself.
  • We may bring awareness into our thinking so we can critique our thoughts with accuracy. 

_In today's rush we all think too much - seek too much - want too much and forget about the joy of just being_ Eckhart Tolle

In mindfulness, the mind is not thought, but rather, conscious awareness, so mindfulness encourages us to learn from our own experience and therefore promotes a way of being that helps us take care of ourselves and live healthier lives. Ironically, when we master mindfulness practice we often do find relief from anxiety or depression, cure health problems alongside creating a far deeper sense of inner peace and disciplined concentration. 

So while the aim of mindfulness is to train our conscious awareness to witness what is occurring in the now, the practice often results in improved balance and happiness in every context of our daily lives.

Emma xx

 Mindfulness course dates for 2018 will be available soon.

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