Holistic Therapy



“I will be gentle with myself. If I find myself getting stressed, I will remember to pause, breath and remember, I create my reality. Today my reality will be filled with kindness and good health.”

Holistic means care for the whole person; mind, body and spirit. These holistic beliefs have been around for thousands of years and in ancient times holistic therapy where commonly used in China, India and Egypt for their therapeutic effects.  

Mind – is the logical part of us that works things out through thought

Body – is our physical shell that keeps us all together

Spirit – is what makes us who we are; our uniqueness, dreams, goals, desires and feelings

The difference between holistic and the conventional medical approach is a simple one. The conventional medical approach looks at the symptoms of the person’s health, where the holistic approach takes into account the whole person as well as the symptoms they are displaying.

Holistic therapists are able to take into account the whole person because we believe they have a life energy travelling through the mind, body and spirit, helping the whole person fight disease and heal naturally. This life energy is sometimes referred to as the the immune system. When the immune system is unbalanced we feel the symptoms of the infection in both mind, body and spirit. But when the immune system is rebalanced all these symptoms we have been feeling disappear as we heal naturally. 

“If Nature brought you to it. Nature will get you through it.”The main aim of holistic therapies is the help the whole person restore and maintain  balance, which in return allows the whole person to heal naturally to their own natural rhythm.

As a holistic therapist, I treat my clients  as a whole person by not only looking at my client’s symptoms but also looking at my client’s whole entire lifestyle.


Emma xx

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