Fearless – How To Turn Failure Into Success

Fearless - How To Turn Failure Into Success - 1

Few words elicit an emotional response more strongly than the word “failure.”
One of the biggest obstacles to success is a fear of failure. In fact, most people are more motivated to avoid failure than they are to achieve success.

Most people don’t even have written goals because of a fear of failure. When you set a goal you’re defining success, but you’re also defining failure!

However, failure is a necessary part of success and successful living. Failure is a
common result. It’s a lot more common than success. Failure is a short stop along the path to success. There is no significant success without a significant amount of failure, too.

Perhaps failure is something that should be welcomed, or at least considered neutral and
expected. You should anticipate a fair amount of failure along the way.

If you’re not failing, you’re not trying.

Here’s what I am covering in this book:

Fearless - How To Turn Failure Into Success over view

The Fear of Failure 

  • Identifying Your Fear of Failure 

A Healthy View of Failure 

  • Learning to Accept Failure 

Developing a Fearless Mindset 

  • Famous Failures 

Minimizing the Likelihood of Failure 

Download your copy HERE 

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