Declutter Your MIND E-Book


The word decluttering doesn’t just apply to housekeeping. In a household setting, decluttering refers to cleaning, general tidying, and eliminating things from the home that have become useless or obsolete.

The same concept can be applied to your mind. It’s the process of lowering the burden on your mind by eliminating unnecessary worry and thoughts.

This can be accomplished by making changes to your life and your thought processes. Although clutter is always caused by your mental processes, external events can serve as triggers.

Eliminating the triggers is a powerful way to declutter your mind.

But you can also have ineffective habits for dealing with stress, boredom, and uncertainty. Excessive thinking can be another form of mental clutter. It uses valuable resources and drains your ability to focus.

Your environment is another possible source of mental clutter. A cluttered environment isn’t conducive to a calm and relaxed attitude. The people in your life can also clutter your mind.

It’s important to address every possible cause.

Here’s what I am covering in this book:

Declutter Your Mind E-book

The Primary Causes of Mental Clutter

  • Environment 
  • People
  • Distractions
  • Thoughts
    • Mental Habits
    • Everyday Stress
    • Decisions
    • Unfinished Business 

Dealing with Thought-Based Clutter 

  • The Breath is the Key 
  • Overcome Negative Thoughts 
  • Clarify Your Purpose 

Download your copy HERE

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