You are not just enough you are essential

It’s no mistake that you are here on this planet at this time my dear sister.   No one else can walk your path.  No one else can do what you are destined to do.  Only you!

You are here because it’s time to step into your TRUE POWER and walk YOUR TRUE PATH.

But you don’t seem to be able to work out what the true you looks like.

You have spent hours Googling , read every self-help book out there, listened to the podcasts, followed so called gurus, tried a little voodoo, and possibly spoke to a few therapists.

But for one reason or another you still cant seem to find the fire in your belly, you still can’t speak your true voice and you have no idea of who you truly are let alone what direction you are going in.

I hear you sister!

For years, I walked around with this acing pain inside of me, hoping that there was more to this life, not fitting in with how “society” says I should be. Looking for things outside of myself to full fill me, make me happy and take away that acing pain within.

But then I worked out, over time like a light bulb slowly warming up to it’s full brightness, that the medicine to stop the acing pain from within myself was not going to be found on the outside of myself. The medicine I needed, I already had, It is within me, I just had to tune into my intuition, soul, that glowing light that is deep within my belly.

My life changed almost like flipping a switch, I started to use my true voice, I faced the parts of my life head on that where no longer serving me or where no longer sustainable. I transformed into the true me, shaking off the identities that society, my community, my family had placed upon me.

I let go of being the women who put service to others ahead of service to herself, the one who over schedules her day so that she always like she is getting enough done.

I let go of the women who was driven by pressure not pleasure.

I said sorry to that women I was and told her “there is no room in the inn!”, “The use by date is hit!”, “Expired, see you latter!!!!”

I learnt to soften in order to succeed at being my true self. I learnt that I didn’t need to starve my soul in order to make things happen. I learnt that I don’t need to hold it all together all of the time. And as I softened I become stronger, stronger in my truth of who I am as person.


Now I spent my time helping women just like you  to remember who they are, to reclaim their power and to reflect their soul’s fullest expression in the world.

They come from every corner of the globe and from every background,but what they have in common is a knowing that they are here to take the road less travelled. 

And although you may always have felt that you would have to walk alone in order to truly be who you are, we have found a way to walk our own unique paths… together in sisterhood.

Today, right now; Do you hear the call in your heart asking you to dance off in a different direction instead of following the well beaten path?  Is there a knowing inside of you that it’s time to go your own way?  But does the fear of not fitting in / being rejected / misunderstood throw you off your path?  Come.  I know the way.

Believe in yourself! Take action! Sister I have got you!

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