You’ve Googled it all, read the books, listened to the podcasts, watched all of YouTube, tried a little voodoo, and possibly spoke to a few therapists.

But for some reason, your negative mindset still triumphs. And you’re terrified this will always be the way?

Oh boy have I been there, over and over and over again!!

The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way.

The bad news is that your expectations and desire for complete freedom might actually be making things worse. Although that’s actually good news because it’s an easy fix—once you are willing to confront it.

More good news is that I have helped numerous women drastically improve their relationship with their mental health. And therefore, their quality of life. Because I once suffered immensely too.

None of this is rocket science. It just feels like rocket science when you try to go it alone.

Without proper guidance and support from someone like myself, who can help you identify the root cause and establish an action plan to change everything for the better, you might as well be trying to build that rocket yourself without a manual and a few missing pieces.

However, with the proper guidance, support, and accountability—you’ll be ready for blast off to the stars in no time.


Anxiety, panic attacks, depression, self-harm and constant self-negative chatter had complete control of my life for 13 years.

There was A LOT of trial and error.

You name it. I tried it: professional help, seminars, courses, books, YouTube videos.

The list goes on.

Eventually, I began to understand the psychology behind this and while healing myself, I found sharing my journey helped others as well. And because I took this massive scenic route around all the country lanes instead of just jumping on the motor way and made all the mistakes. I can take you straight to the motorway ensuring you don’t make the same mistakes I did.

Unfortunately, society is constructed in such a way that it makes it near impossible to get your life back until you understand your environment (both internal and external) so you can do something about it. And that’s just the beginning of the work we will do together.


• Understand your mind and mental health on a deep level so you can make decisions that are right for you?

• Give way more of a shit about things that matter to you, and less of a shit about things that don’t?

• Get out there and start living the life you’re supposed to be living?

• Experience greater confidence as your belief begins to trump your doubts?

• Build a life based on your values?

• Explore your limiting beliefs and fears so you can begin to dismiss them?

• Get to the root of your mental health issues and tackle it from there for lasting transformation?

• Finally do something and commit to a life where you no longer let your mindset hold you back?

If you answered yes to any of the the above questions, you’ve come to the right place.

This session will give you a taste of what coaching is like with me while making sure we’re a good fit. We’ll get to know each other, and you can ask all the questions you have about the process.

If we’re a good fit and you decide you want to proceed, we’ll discuss your payment options as well as putting a start date in the book to kick things of ASAP.

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