About Me

You are truly amazing, beautiful and abundantly capable from the inside out.

It took me hitting rock bottom, broken into a thousand pieces to learn that in order to rise up from the ashes into my feminine truth, I had to stop trying to change my self to fit in with who society says I should be, or how I should live my life.

Day by day I stuck the pieces of me back together, I learnt to trust my intuition, I embraced my indifference within the society that we live. I carved out my dreams, my goals, my true voice and then went on hop and skip to live them out, experience them and enjoy who I am.

I have ZERO availability for anything that does not shout yes yes yes deep with the pit of me.

I have ZERO tolerance or time for stuff throughout my life that takes longer than it needs to in order to produce results.

I believe in magic! In fact I live it. Through natures medicine in the form of essential oils, reflexology and barefoot walking. I enjoy being sat in silence listening and learning from my own medicine that is within me, my intuition.

Basically…. I do things my way.


Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology incorporating

  • Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology
  • Training in Reflexology in Palliative Care

Level 3 Diploma in Massage (Body Massage, Indian Head Massage, Pre-blended Aromatherapy Massage, Bamboo Massage)

Level 3 Diploma in Aromatherapy

Certified CBT Practitioner

Certified NLP Practitioner

Certified Life Coaching Practitioner

Ongoing continuing professional development