Essential Truth

What do you want more off and how will you let myself receive it?

Connection to others, connection with people who see all that I am, being present but also allowing myself to experience solitude when I need it. I crave more support in my life that nurtures not only me but my children as well and loves us a fiercely as I do. I am looking for our tribe, because I have learnt recently it takes a tribe to love, support, empower and raise children. 

I have spoken about this before but another word that came up was balance because there are times when I want to be surrounded by the energy of other people and there are times when I want to be alone in times of silence and I am working on being at a place in my life where my day to day life if full of balance. 

The other thing that I am creating more of in my life is joy and abundance which I did not feel a year ago, I was completely shattered, I was hiding and I could not think of anything that brought me joy at that point. But what has come from my latest rapture is, that there is more joy in my life and I am committed to doing more of these things and stepping further into that energy.

Financial abundance is another thing on my list that I would like to have more off, I used to be in a place where I had an income that sustained our family or helped to sustain our family. I would love to be in a place where I had an income that gives sustainability and security to myself and my children. Any income would be good at this point but a sustainable income would be better. I am called to nurture women on a deep level but at the same time by doing this line of works alongside my children and the life I have committed myself to for my children.

The life that I am creating, the life I desire is one of abundances, cup filed, love and joyfulness, a full life, that’s what I am creating and stepping into more and more each day. 

I would love to hear from you what is it you desire most, what do you want more off and how are you going to receive it?

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