Enchanted Oil Tribe

There Are Different Times And Seasons For Everything

What’s your current must-have, go-to oil?

Mine is Ylang – Ylang . I love it so much.

And I have to add this- if you’re anything like me you will NOT believe it’s possible to feel emotionally supported by essential oils until you have an experience where you allow yourself to be open to it. My “aha” in this area happened years ago when I was so tangled up in an emotional cycle of hot mess.

Since then I have and can recall very specific moments in my life where I’ve leaned heavily into these oils for help with emotions. Losing my grandfather, mayor marriage issues, stress and anxious feelings, sadness, the everyday small and large struggles of being a human.

We all go through it in our own way.

There are different times and seasons for everything, but one common thread for all of us is that we each are on an emotional journey. We cope the best we can with what tools we have and where we’re at. But if there was one thing I wish everyone knew, it would be this- THERE IS A BETTER WAY.

Now when I feel overwhelmed I know I can grab a bottle of Ylang-Ylang and put a drop in my palm. I can breathe it in, 10 times slowly, and I can give myself the gift of THIS kind of support. And I know that it might sound unbelievable because that’s how it sounded to me. But until you’ve had a rough moment and then filled it up with this kind of help, allowed its healing magic to fill the cracks and lift you up, then you simply do not know yet.

This oil right here in particular is a daily must have for me and my wish for you is that you treat yourself to this special oil as soon as possible by joining my Enchanted Oil Tribe.

And then next time you have a moment, pull out your oils and BREATHE, take it all in, and feel what a difference it makes. I’m so excited for you. Keep me posted.

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