Are You Trying To Trust All Your Feelings?

I had a conversation with one of my sister clients yesterday. In that conversation she made me think about that saying that we use when we are giving out advice, to our friends, family, work colleagues and so on.

Trust your gut.

The reason she got me thinking was because she said; “When ever I trust my gut, everything goes tits up and I fall flat on my face.”

Holy moley!!!

Anyway after a little digging around, it turned out that she gets a feeling and thought she should act on it straight away, because in that way, she thought that was ‘being true to her self’.

The only issue here is acting on you feelings, your gut you intuition is not as easy as this. This was one of those learning curve balls I had to work on personally when I started listening to my gut / intuition and acting on it.

But here’s the thing not all feelings are created from truth! Yep you just heard me right.

You see many of our feeling are created and informed by our; fearful thoughts, fear, thoughts of being attacked (yep the primitive animal in us steps into action) or our inadequacy. Which means non of these thoughts are actually coming from a place of truth.

This because every feeling we ever feel, positive or negative all stem from our thoughts and not all our thoughts can be trusted as truth. For example, if a thought pops into your head and it makes you feel scared or fearful; Can you trust that thought? Can you trust that feeling? Can you act upon it as a gut feeling?

Well you can! But before you do that and possibly fall flat on your face, all you simply need to know is, can you fully trust the feelings these thoughts have created.

Instead of acting straight away, following your gut / intuition at a seconds notice. Spend time exploring your thoughts behind this feeling, that is churning around in your gut. Fully question if what you are feeling is 100% or even 110% true. Be curious, sit with it for a while, question the feeling you are feeling and if it’s coming from a negative thought, find as much evidence as you can against it.

When I first started tuning into my intuition, I had to take baby steps before I could truly read my truth against, my negative thinking.

Instead of reacting straight away, I sit in silence with my feeling (gut instinct), I explore where it has come from; What was the thought that kick started this feeling? What was the situation I was in when this thought popped into my head? What was going on around me, when this feeling started churning around in my gut?

I explore this feeling, I question it inside out and I let this feeling wash through me and out the other side. I don’t react, I just stay calm and present. I become an observer for the truth.

Once I am 100% confident that the feeling / feelings, that are setting my gut on fire are the truth, then I react, as only then I am being true to myself.

Like Eckhart Tolle said:

An emotion is the body’s reaction to your mind

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