Be Patient With Your Self!

There are days like today that I have to remind myself to be patient with myself! Physically telling my self that I did not get messed up over night, that in fact I am trying to overcome from thousands of years of bullshit women have been put through.

But why do I feel like this today?

May be it’s because I have just come home from a chilled out holiday to hum drum of normal life, or may be it’s because I have started my bleed cycle and my body is shouting out for ice cream, yoga pants and Netflix. Or could it be that the weather has decided that we have suddenly changed seasons from summer to winter over night, by producing a two day storm.

Some days our outlook is just shitty!

Something happening in our lives; work, family, relationships, bad memories from the past, illness or we are going through our menstrual cycle. Other times we look at the reality of what is going on around us; wars, poverty, natural disasters etc..

Although we don’t like to focus on some of these things and to be honest do us no good and are not useful to focus on for to long. It’s important for us to acknowledge these shitty days, rather than ignoring them, fighting with them or trying to block it all out from our minds.

This is where being patient and having compassion with ourselves comes in, because it provides the grounding of a wise courage base for us to work with during life’s shitty days.

It took me a long time to learn that the cornerstone of being compassionate with myself is wisdom. Wisdom of why some days I feel the way I do, wisdom of why I see and act around certain situations that comes thunder bolting in my direction.

Wisdom in compassion helps us to step back and recognise that we are socially shaped, that we do not choose the environment we are born into, or many of the experiences we have in life. The wisdom also allows us to appreciate that life can be shitty; that as part of being alive we will suffer in order to rise like a Phoenix.

The magic of this wisdom within compassion, gives ourselves a true outlook on life’s realities, by helping us to learn how to take responsibility for how we treat ourselves during these shitty days. This involves stepping back from blaming ourselves, it involves helping us work out and understand helpful responses when shitty days arise, in order to alleviate or reduce the nature of distress we put on ourselves.

So yes today is a shitty day, don’t know why but my compassionate wisdom, coming from the gut of my intuition is telling me to ‘just be patient with myself’ today. To run my fingers through my messy unclean hair, pop on the yoga pants and a strappy t-shirt, curl up on the sofa, with a mug of hot coco and dive into one of those many books, that have been waiting patiently for me to read. Oh and forget that there are a pile of dishes in the sink that need seeing too, the toilet needs a clean and there are a mass of emails sitting on my lap top waiting for attention.

When was the last time you embodied the power of your compassionate wisdom?

How did this wisdom supper power influence your behaviour in a caring and compassionate way towards yourself?

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