I comfortably accept my imperfections

Everyone has imperfections. It’s part of who we are! How boring life would be if we were all perfect. It would be like a world without color! I accept my imperfections just as I welcome the rainbow.

My imperfections bring variety into my life. They give me a chance to discover things in my own way and grow in the ways I choose.

Without my shortcomings, I can never find my talents. It is in seeking ways to improve that I can advance my abilities.

My flaws add depth to my character. No one can ever say that I’m boring and predictable. Sometimes I even surprise myself!

My special talents are what make me, me! They enable me to experience my own unique journey to love and be loved unlike anyone else.

Yes, there are times that I wish I could rid myself of a particular flaw. But that is part of the beauty of it all! I can make this choice and work to change it if I so desire. In the process, I learn and grow from the experience.

If it were not for my imperfections in the first place, I would never have the opportunity – or the joy – of such amazing discoveries.

The way I choose to deal with my flaws can influence my life in many ways. I can let them tarnish my life with regret, or I can let them enhance my life’s experiences. I can even use my imperfections to launch a career, bringing a solution that others are seeking!

Today, I choose to embrace the silver lining of my imperfections and I am thankful for the blessings I have in my life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

Do I accept my flaws?

How do my imperfections make me special?

What is the silver lining of my shortcomings?

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