Have You Created A Rock Solid Foundation For Your Self Esteem?

I am supper excited to announce my new program Building Rock Solid Self Esteem.

I thought my low self esteem was based on my anxiety and depression, but what I have learnt is although these mental health issues did not help my self worth or self esteem.


My low self esteem was a lot deeper than that, it stemmed back from my childhood and other events in my life that lead to a dripping tap of put downs, beliefs about my self, and failures, that kept filling my cup to over flowing.

The result, my negative self esteem tank was full and my positive self esteem was bone dry.

When I was at my lowest point, I looked into my children’s eyes and I decided that I can not carry on the journey I was travelling, I could not leave them motherless and I want them to not only be proud of me but look up to me as a role model for them.

I searched high and low on the internet, self help books, pod casts, you name it.

I tried everything, shifting through the bull shit that seemed to be everywhere.

Until I came across CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy).

I then set my self a mission to do all I could, to learn and try out as many strategies that I could possibly do.

To my amazement, I was able to bounce back from my depression, come off all my medication, reduce my anxiety and in the process rebuild my self esteem into what it is today.

A tank full of positive self esteem

Now I will tell you this, its not easy turning everything around, in fact its fucking hard work, it takes practice, practice, practice.

But I am the living proof that it does work and still till this day I use every strategy that I share with you in this program to help maintain and grow my positive self esteem.

The question I ask you is which would you like?

A overflowing negative low self esteem tank and a bone dry positive, self esteem tank?


A overflowing positive self esteem tank and a bone dry negative self esteem tank?


May be you are unsure if you have a low self esteem, if that’s the case take my self esteem test here   to make a accurate analyses of where you are currently at with your self-esteem.

Emma xx

Building Rock Solid Self Esteem

 Yes I Am In


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