The Hero’s Journey: Being The Star Of Your Own Movie

Have you ever been to the movies?
Have you ever been to the cinema?

What would happen if you where to walk into the cinema and you walked into a film that was half way through?

You wouldn’t have the faintest idea of what was going on, whats happened and you wouldn’t have the fainest idea  of what point in the story they where at.

  • You don’t really know where it’s going.
  • You don’t understand the characters.
  • You don’t understand the plot.

Have you ever considered that you life is kind of like a movie?

And if that’s the case, you life’s a movie, it also makes you the movie star.

Look at this for a second, we go through life and life is like all movies they have a starting point and a finishing point.

You know if we where to stop for just one second and just focus on one scene. That would not give us a true representation on everything that’s happened in the past. Nor will it give us any indication of what’s going to happen in the future. Because generally all the traumas and all the problems and all the issues (the fight scenes and all that kind of thing), always happen at some point in the middle  as the hero’s journey is to generally know or discover  who they are and what they are capable of,  by fighting their demons, overcoming obstacles and challenges.  Before saving the day by defeating the baddie.

Now consider the story of Harry Potter.

Yep that’s right I said Harry potter.

This is appropriate because this story  is a fantastic journey of self discovery,  because even though there are 8 movies in the series,  each movie represents a new year and a new season. You see in the first movie in the series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Harry was just a little boy maybe 7 or 8 and basically he had no idea what he was capable of. If you had told Harry right back then at the start, that he was going to become a man and was going to destroy the most evil wizard that has ever lived. Harry Potter would of said “WHAT, no chance, no hope in that.”

But as Harry Potter was kept in this cupboard under the stairs, Hagrid, ultimately Harry’s keeper, walked into Harry’s home and said “Harry you are a wizard, Harry.”
And Harry says “Me, no I am just a little boy.” He didn’t really know who he was at this point. But see at the end of the first film, Harry Potter had just spent his first year at Hogwarts  and he learns some tricks,  makes some friends and he was already battling his first fight against Lord Voldemort giving back his strength.

At the end of the second film the Chamber of Secrets, again Harry Potter just a year older, a little bit wiser, a little bit stronger and with a few more friends. Had learned a few more tricks and learned a few more ways of defeating baddies. That’s right, Harry Potter is getting stronger.

Year 3 The Prisoner Of Ask, again Harry was learning more tricks, more magic spells.

In the Goblet of Fire, Harry was starting to really get ahead, he was becoming recognizable for being really strong and powerful wizard.

When it comes to The Order Of The Phoenix, all the evil wizards are trying to get Harry, because they recognized that he is a threat.

When it comes to The Half Blood Prince, Harry Potter is literally the savior,  he is the only hope for Hogwarts

But When it comes to the Deathly Hallows, this is death, Harry Potter is fully secure in who he is  and at the end of the movie he is out there taking on the evil Lord Voldemort, who has returned back to his full strength and in the end Harry Potter completely kicks his arse. And that’s the story over.

But look, so often in life, do we become so completely consumed and focused on the specific scene that we are in, that we get so focused on one scene so much so, that we loose sight of where we are going. It’s also so easy to lose sight of where we have come from.

We have already discovered and discussed that what we focus on in life we feel.
So the question is,  If you are struggling or are you regularly struggling with anxiety; What is it that you have been focusing on?

Are you focusing on the baddie in the final scene or are you focusing on this or are you focusing on that. Because if you are not there yet,  then I guess you don’t have anything to worry about.  Because by the time you get to the final scene, we have already been fully trained and prepared for it. You know,  with all the insights and skills that you need to ultimately achieve in the end anyway.

Whats the principle here? What are we actually really talking about?

You know you life is a movie and you are the movie star.

You’re the only person who can move forward and make progress in your life,
which you are not going to be able to do if you are scared, if you are timid, riddled, driven, fundamentally managed by anxiety or by negative emotions.

Understanding that life is a journey, its a process, none of us are there yet. It’s a journey,
it’s an adventure for some. And it’s just a series of lessons that we can learn along the way. It’s all of these lessons that we can step on and project us on to the next level.

Imagine you live life on levels and you kind of arrive in stages. Think of Super Mario, when you play the first level there are a couple of mushrooms to jump over, you learn a few new tricks. Then when you get to the end of the level, there is an end of level baddie,
which you must defeat, which might take you a few attempts to defeat. But once you have defeated them, you have learn some new skills and you move up a stage, on to the next level.

And life is like this, in fact life is 100% like this, we live life on levels and we arrive in stages.

What doesn’t kill you in life makes you stronger and the fact that you are here this evening, discussing this with me, means all the things that you’ve perhaps been anxious or fearful of in the past, well they have not killed you yet.

So just get them out, stick them on the floor, stand on them and use these things to project you forward. Because the worst case scenario and the worst possible outcome, is ultimately that you fail, you’re rejected or that someone hates you.

By now we’ve already established that you know these things are actually okay. They’re not going to kill you anyway. What’s stopping you from moving into your future, achieving the things that you really need to achieve and getting to where it is  that you ultimately need to be?

Because as far as I’m concerned and from all I can really see, the only person who is ever going to stop human life is you.

Emma xx

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