Do you listen as well as you talk?

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Could you imagine how many feuds, arguments and even divorces could be prevented if people were to stop talking (and assuming the worst of people), and simply listen to them better instead?

One thing’s for certain, if we’re trying to control another person in a discussion, we’re likely to completely miss the heart of what the other person is desperately attempting to tell us.

At all times and in all of our relationships, we’ll either be fighting to remain connected with a person, or, we’ll be focusing more on what we’re thinking about and unconsciously choosing to disconnect with them instead.

A great example of this is when people get angry, lose their temper or even shout at those they care about. Most of us will have even been on the receiving end of this at some point!

The truth is, that while we can each do our best to remain connected with another person, the moment a person stops listening to another and starts listening to themselves more instead, communications will very quickly break down.

Unfortunately, this is something that we can all be guilty of doing sometimes…. listening MORE to the thoughts that we’re thinking, and LESS to what other people are actually trying to tell us.

Now, could you image what damage might be done if we were to jump to conclusions and emotionally react to a person you are having a conversation with?


How do you ensure that you are constantly responding to what people say to you (in both your personal and professional relationships), and not reacting to your own assumptions instead?

Emma xx

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