The Art of Enjoying the Process

Video taken from my daily live discussion’s of Facebbook.


Sometimes it’s good to contemplatively consider where we are and what we have in life.

Personally, I have nothing to complain about;

  • I’m relatively healthy
  • Have a small number of close friends who I can trust
  • Have a nice home
  • An excellent husband
  • 3 wonderful children
  • Plans for an excellent future.

Yes, I may die tomorrow… but I will cross that bridge if  or when I come to it.

Some people refer to this attitude as one of gratitude,  and when gratitude fills a persons heart, they will be prepared to complain about nothing.

Most of us find it easy to focus on what we don’t have and what we’re scared of losing in life instead of simply appreciating what we do have, and life for being the experience it is. Just an experience!

There’s definitely nothing under the sun that I’ve found worthy of getting stressed over, angry about or intimidated by.  Many will disagree!


What area or aspect of your life could you take a better attitude (or a more grateful attitude) towards that would enable you to better enjoy the process?

Emma xx



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