I choose wisdom over regret

In a fast-paced world, it is easy to make unfortunate decisions, so I avoid being hasty. It is important to my peace of mind to make wise choices. I prefer to play it safe than to live with regret.

When my work environment becomes unbearable, I avoid the urge to quit hurriedly. I know how much I rely on my income to take care of my responsibilities.

I wait until I am calm and relaxed to make important decisions. It is easy to make a rash decision when emotional, but difficult to recover from it afterwards. I avoid the regret that comes with choosing a path when I am riled up.

The balance of intellect and emotion is invaluable. Navigating them with patience is the key to making sound choices.

Although there is high value placed on my emotional well-being, I am careful to base my actions on a balanced mix of feelings and intellectual deliberation. At times, my decisions require more of one than the other.

Talking through my choices is helpful in gaining perspective. It gives me the opportunity to weigh my options and consider the pros and cons.

Today, I am happy with the choices that I make in life because I know that they are carefully considered and planned. Gaining more wisdom with each good decision is an valuable gift that I am happy to get.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I recover my relationships when my rash decisions affect others?
2. How do I respond when my back is against the wall?
3. How am I able to forgive myself for a choice that leads to a regrettable outcome?

Emma xx

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