A Busy Mother’s Guide ……

A Busy Mother’s Guide to Minimalism

You must me thinking has Emma finally fallen out of a tree and banged her head because she used busy mum and minimalism in the same sentence.

Well lucky I did no tree climbing this month but yes I completely understand where you are coming from.

I have found motherhood has increase my motivation to live simply, but at the same time as wanting to live more simply, it’s harder to cut back.

I really wanted to be a good role model, but with any growing family we seem to accumulate more and more possessions, as well as committing to more and more activities.

While minimalism is likely to help us all save money, there are other benefits that may be even more important. Like having fewer distractions and more time and energy to devote to our families. 

You can enjoy the advantages of a simpler life whatever your circumstances and philosophy. Maybe you’re simplifying voluntarily or under pressure from financial setbacks. Maybe you define minimalism as growing your own food and making your own clothes or just spending less money at restaurants and shopping centers.

As you’re deciding what works for your family, consider these principles and strategies for minimalist mothers. 

You can read my whole article here  as it’s been published on the Elephant Journal website.

A Busy Mother’s Guide to Minimalism

Emma xx


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