An abundant future awaits me

Today’s successes are the icing on my cake of abundance! I get excited when I open my eyes each morning because I know great things await me. I am a blessed child whose story is to achieve all I set my sights on.

Life’s obstacles are only temporary roadblocks, so I avoid letting them change my resolve and focus. I use my talents and abilities to find a way around each challenge so I can continue on the path to success.

There is nothing to stop me from reaching the pinnacle in both my personal and professional exploits.

On days when I might tire, I allow myself to rest. I recognize that rest is an essential element to building my endurance.

I know an abundant future awaits me because I see every situation as an opportunity to do or achieve something great. I embrace even the most understated opportunity and try to find the worth in it.

I figure that even if an experience yields results other than what I expect, it can teach me which path to take the next time around.

Today, I avoid wasting my time worrying about what I have yet to accomplish. I remind myself of what I already have under my belt and use those achievements to propel my drive. I live without regret because every experience serves a purpose.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I plan for the great things that are to come?
2. Am I committed to achieving my goals?
3. Are there times when I feel weak and unable to keep going? How can I motivate myself to persevere?

Emma xx

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