Play Life! Introduction

Hey there!

I am thrilled to share my Play Life Manifesto.

The Connected Age of Play is happening now and gaining momentum every day! You can play life as a performance art, as a collaborative game or as a worthy quest. You can live your dream to contribute to the lives of others in your own YOUnique way while enjoying juicy moments and thriving in the world.

The trouble is, if you grew up before the year 2000 then your mind was “programmed” for the Industrial Age of Work. You learned to complete tasks and keep your unique personality in check. You were taught that to be a good person you go to work, do your job, collect your paycheck, and spend the money on stuff that will make you happy. UGH! Your dream is so much bigger than that!

The Play Life Manifesto will be your guide into this delightful but challenging new era. With the spirit of play you can unleash your hidden superpowers and invent a new version of YOU who is equipped to thrive in this strange new world.

Over the next  22 days I am going to sharing with you 22 ideas from this manifesto which are real game changers for you ,if you aim to play life bigger 

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