Each day is a learning opportunity for me


My mind stays forever young, even while the rest of me ages. I take the time to learn something new each day.

I see learning opportunities everywhere I go. When I attend business meetings, I observe the expressions of the veterans. I look at their display of confidence, and take note of how they handle difficult situations.

I learn how to treat people by observing the relationships and interactions of those around me. I take note of how others feel. I use those observations as a guide to adjust my approach.

Seeing new things keeps my mind active. I am encouraged to commit new information and ideas to memory for my own betterment.

My skill set continues to expand each day. When I learn new skills, more opportunities are available to me.

I know I am blessed to have life, so I avoid taking it for granted.

I acknowledge that the future is unpredictable, but I still use my time wisely. I am productive and happy throughout my day. My life is fulfilling when I am open to different learning experiences. I feel like I am living out my mission in life.

Today, I commit to keeping my mind active. I love learning new things and staying engaged. I recognize that making the most of each day brings true satisfaction. I promise to treasure each waking moment.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. When have I had to learn something that I was disinterested in?
2. How do I keep my mind active and encourage others to do the same?
3. What can I do to convert what I learn into practice?


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