Tips to Avoid the Winter Blues


When the weather is cold and the skies are dark and cloudy, I always start to feel down, despondent and all I want to do is hibernate away from the world.  

If you struggle with gloomy feelings during the winter, like I do, you are not alone, many people suffer from winter blues or SAD (seasonal effective disorder).

But it’s good to know that there’s help and hope available to you without a prescription drug.

Of course, you’ll want to check with your doctor before making any changes to your health regimen.

The important thing to remember is; Spring is Around the Corner.

I have personally found, that the only way I can stay happy, upbeat and peaceful during the winter, is to focus my time and energy on things that bring me joy and happiness.

I have learnt to see the beauty that the winter months have to offer by incorporating these few simple ideas which give me a jump-start into turning my winter blues into  a positive vibe.

Consider these tips to help you gain a more positive mindset during winter:

Buy a salt lamp – A salt lamp gives you the light you need even when it’s gloomy outside but more than that, they purify the air,  helps increase our energy levels (due to the negative ions they give out) and works much better to help your mood than just turning on all the lights in your house.

Take a vacation – Travel to somewhere sunny and warmer each winter, even if only for a couple of days. Looking forward to your winter getaway will lift your spirits during the time before you go, too.

Get outside – When the sun does come out, even if it’s otherwise cold, take advantage of it. When your body is deprived of sunlight, it has a harder time making vitamin D. If you can get some sun, though, you’ll feel better, you’ll also be better able to make it through until spring arrives with its longer, sunnier days.

Beating the winter blues with a stroll in the woods

Moose and I enjoy strolls in the woods as winter woods are so full of vibrant color and inspiration.  

Find activities that bring you joy – Read that book you’ve always wanted to read or engross yourself in a new TV box-set that you have been saving to watch. If you have hobbies that lend themselves to indoor activity, you’ll have more to keep your mind occupied as you move through the winter. The cold days will pass more quickly if you have something to do to occupy your time, and spring will arrive before you know it. 

Beating winter blues

 If you have feelings of depression that run deep, you may want to talk to your doctor about the kinds of treatment options that would be best for you.

If you’re only getting bummed out and unhappy during the winter, focusing on strategies that work during the winter is the best way to shake those winter blues.

You can choose to be joyful. Focus on the things that matter to you and make you happy. Winter is only a season, and you’ll have spring, summer, and Autumn to do all kinds of great things outside in the sunshine.



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