I seize opportunities


I open the door when opportunity knocks. I spot new possibilities and make the most of them.

Opportunities excite me. They broaden my horizons. I come up with fresh ideas and branch out into unfamiliar territory. I focus on my goals and encourage myself by remembering my abilities and victories.

Promising opportunities often lie behind difficult dilemmas. Building on good fortune requires taking risks and working hard. I take initiative and exceed expectations.

I act promptly. Many opportunities depend on quick action. I prepare myself by acquiring knowledge and skills. I develop courage and confidence.

Valuable opportunities may look a lot less dramatic than winning the lottery or being accepted into university. I celebrate small opportunities because they can position me for great achievements.

Taking a ceramics class could lead me to a second career or a fulfilling hobby. I may become friends with a stranger by chatting with them on a bus.

I can tackle more opportunities when I team up with others. I make networking an ongoing part of my life. I ask for support. I lend a helping hand when someone needs my time or expertise to work on an interesting proposal that could benefit us both.

Today, I regard each moment as an opportunity to grow. I take advantage of the opportunities that come my way.

Self-Reflection Questions:

What is the relationship between opportunities and challenges?

How do my actions create opportunities?

What is one example of how a life-changing event brought me new opportunities?


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