Self Care for the Soul


Week 5: Self Care for the Soul

Wow. We are at the final week of learning about self-care. How is your nourishment going?

Self care challenge day week 5
Today we are focusing on nourishing your soul with activities that make you happy and give you a break from your busy life. To be honest, the soul self care could quite possibly be more important than anything else. Even food.

Here are some soul-food ideas for you to start with today.

Don’t forget to create your own Soul Food list to work out what works for you!

  • Enjoy your coffee/tea in the morning
  • Take a hot bath after work
  • Meet with your best friend
  • Have a good laugh
  • Watch your favourite movie
  • Help someone else
  • Give to someone else – charity, free gift, thank you note…
  • Create something
  • Help someone else for free

Remember that self care isn’t just something you tick off your list once and never do it again. It’s a constant in your life that forms part of your daily routine to create positive health and wellbeing on a deep level.

You’ll very quickly feel the amazing benefits of just some small self care routines that can literally change the course of your overall health and even life!

I’d love to know how you are going to start implementing a self care routine to finally feel good in your body and live the life you’ve been wanting.


Don’t forget, if you want to have a FREE 20 minute self care session with me you can book it in here, so that you will get back on your path to more energy and fulfilling life.

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