What Top 2 Reflexology Points Will I Find Useful This Holiday?


Our children are about to break up from school for 6 weeks and oh boy this can be a very stressful time; entertaining  our children, organising summer clubs / child sitters so we can still go to work, packing / organising family holidays, let alone finding time to enjoy a bath. Basically everyone is running around in circles and no one has enough time to take care of ourselves.

You may be aware of the health benefits of Reflexology but don’t have the time to pop in to Wabi-Sabi Holistic Therapy for a reflexology session. What if I told you, you can have access to the benefits of reflexology to help reduce your holiday stress, right at your finger tips, without having to find the time to pop in to see me. 

Hand and foot Reflexology self-care can be a quick and easy ‘pick me up’ that you can do anywhere and I mean anywhere; sat in the park watching your children, on the sofa after a long day or sat on a aeroplane heading towards your holiday.

Here are my top 2 favourite Reflexology points that will get you through the school holidays.

Sola Plexus Reflex

The solar plexus is a cluster of nerves that sit directly behind our stomach and is referred as the ‘abdominal brain’, as these nerves go out to all parts of the abdominal cavity. It feels tight, when we stress about or churn on a topic that we don’t quite know how to process. When the Solar Plexus is tight, most often the diaphragm is tight too. Our diaphragm is the membrane that builds a barrier between our lung and rib cake and our upper digestive tract. When it is tense, our lungs can’t easily expand, resulting in shallow breathing or even holding our breath. When we relax, de-stress, and release the Tension in our Solar plexus and diaphragm, however, we can breathe freely and easily again, as our lungs can expand to their full capacity.

Where can I find my sola plexus reflex point:-

  • On your feet, it can be found by drawing an imaginary line from the third toe down to the apex of the arch that runs across the base of the ball of the foot. To help locate this reflex, squeeze the sides of your foot together to find the hollow. This hollow is where the solar plexus is. 
  • On your hand it is located in line with the 3rd finger, just below the knuckles on the palm side.

Press on these on your sola plexus reflex point, hold for a 3 seconds and then release the pressure, do this 3 times as needed.

Sola Plexus reflex

Adrenal Reflex

Our adrenal glands are tiny organs that are located just above our kidneys and despite their small size, they carry out an extremely important role in our body; As they secrete numerous hormones that have an impact on our development, growth, help regulate our kidney function and they also affect our ability to deal with stress, by regulating our ‘fight or flight’ response in our body by releasing the hormones norepinephrine and epinephrine.

When we rely on our adrenal glands during prolonged stressful times they get exhausted, which can lead to a condition known as ‘adrenal fatigue’, which can bring on extreme tiredness. To avoid adrenal fatigue we need to look for ways to balance and recharge our adrenal glands when we are going through stressful times.
Reflexology is an easy, yet super profound way to relax and recharge them.

Where can I find my adrenal reflex point?

  • The adrenal reflex point is located just above the half way mark of the foot in line with the big toe.
  • On the hand this reflex is located half way between the tip of your thumb and your wrist.

Begin by kneading the centre of the arch with the heel of your hand. Then make a fist and roll the knuckles from the arch toward the heel, gradually increasing the amount of pressure. Press one knuckle into the Adrenal Point, massaging in a circular motion. Finish by holding your thumb firmly on this spot for about 30 seconds. Repeat reflexology treatment on the other foot.

Adrenal Reflex

With the adrenal reflex and solar plexus reflex having similar effects on the body what is the point in working both of them?

The solar plexus is a group of nerves that once stimulated can almost immediately trigger relaxation while the adrenal gland requires time for those hormones to run through your system and flush out of your body. Which is why it is very beneficial to press both the adrenal and solar plexus reflex points. Together they create a short-term and long-lasting effect on your overall level of stress.

During this busy time of the year, use these reflexes as often as you need to, as long as you make sure that your body receives a full body reflexology treatment every now and again as well.


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