Do We Really Need To Make New Years Resolutions?



I took a few day off over Christmas and New Year, which gave me plenty of time to mediate and focus on my own growth. During this time it got me thinking, every January we make resolutions like; loosing weight, drinking less, reading more, working less etc. that we never keep and if we do attempt them only last if we are lucky for a couple of months.

What if we are looking at this all wrong all these years, what if we should be looking at the new year as an opportunity to create a mantra which will grow with us all year?

The one BIGGEST issue I can see with making New Years resolutions, is  “resolutions” implies we need to find an issue with ourselves or our lives that needs to be solved. There for we are starting off from a negative foot, instead of starting of on a positive foot. 

But what if we changed everything and started the New Year with a positive instead!

I spend everyday helping people to start solving their personal or work like issues from a a resolved place, as though they are already in the future and already have what ever it is they desire. So what if we created a solution place, resolved place, a mantra that places us in the future of what we desire, that made us make a News Years resolution in the first place.

I know this concept is completely thinking outside the box but sometimes, we need to climb outside the box in order to work towards what we want, need or would like ourselves and our lives to become.

My goal this January is to encourage my Tribe, my Clients, and our loved ones to ditch the resolutions for 2018 and adopt a Mantra.

My Mantras

I challenge you; choose to be BRAVE, choose to be BOLD, choose a MANTRA that is personal to you and make 2018 your most meaningful year yet!

Here is my personal mantra for 2018 Dream Big with a heart full of gratituded

Are you ready to share yours with me? Upload a photo below with your 2018 mantra.




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