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How Can I Manage My Every Day Pain?


Many people I see at here at Wabi-Sabi Holistic Therapy suffer from aches and pains stemming from common everyday activities such as housework, sitting for too long, driving in the wrong position, lifting heavy items without bending their knees or simply not having the correct pillows at night.

Theses minor aches and pains affect our quality of life by not only making it more difficult to accomplish everyday tasks and causing us to become more sluggish and tired. They also affect us emotionally as they can cause stress, frustration, depression and the overall feeling of being overwhelmed.

We can ease these every day aches and pains without having to rely on over the counter pain killers, here are a few tips I share with my clients who come and see me at Wabi-Sabi Holistic Therapy on how they can treat these aches and pains naturally.


Try keeping to a diet that promotes healthy joints and muscle tissue by eating Omega – 3 fatty acids such as salmon or foods that help are packed full of anti-inflammatory properties such as; flaxseeds, rosemary, mustard seeds, fresh ginger, turmeric or cayenne pepper.  Also don’t forget a good cup of green tea is also packed full of antioxidants, which is good for joint health.


If you can’t add any more Omega – 3 to your diet, it is also available as a supplement, which is an easy way of ensuring your body receives its daily dose.  Calcium supplements are another good one to take each day as it helps to prevent arthritis and osteoporosis.


Apply arnica oil, gel or cream as soon as you feel the first sign of muscle ace, stiffness, swelling or bruising because it is naturally packed full of pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. Also unlike over the counter pain killers, arnica does not mask over the symptoms of may be a more serious condition and is used by athletes, doctors, homeopathic therapists as well as holistic therapists.  

Essential oils

Eucalyptus and lavender essential oils can be added to a bath to ease muscle injuries and for that added therapy treatment add some Epsom salts into your bath (as they are packed full of magnesium) with these essential oils.  Eucalyptus oil is packed with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, where lavender is not only packed with the same properties as eucalyptus, it also promotes relaxation and sleep. Please note you only need 2 or 3 drops of each oil in your bath to benefit from the full effect of these essential oil healing properties.  

Mind, Body Therapy

Massage, acupuncture, reflexology, meditation and mindfulness are good therapies are all good therapies for reducing pain. Everyday tasks can cause tiny tears in the muscle fibres, which lead to an immune reaction and inflammation in that particular muscle. Massage reduces the production of cytokines (compounds that play an important role in inflammation) and stimulates mitochondria (the cells that convert glucose into energy essential for cell function and repair). This natural reduction of cytokins and increase of mitochondria helps the muscle to heal from those tiny tears quicker than if naturally left to heal themselves.

Everyday aces and pain can really take their toll on our physical and mental well-being. By just doing one of the above natural ways to heal your pain will not only reduce and heal your muscle damage but will also make you feel tones better.

How do you naturally manage your everyday aches and pains?

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