Is your health benefiting from the rhythm of music?


Drumbeats fill in the air from the native Indians, chants from the Shamans, melodies of Mozart and the simple genital lullabies our mother sang to us to help us fall asleep. Music, sound, rhythm has engulfed us all since the beginning of time, with our lives being surrounded by one massive sound track, within us, uniting and guiding us to heal our mind, body and spirit.

Personally my healing sound / rhythm comes from the sea, just as the waves break and hit the shore line, ending with the sound of the sand or pebbles being dragged back into the vast ocean. This music to me brings peace, harmony, clear head, relaxation and fills me with inner love. It’s the place I always go to when times are hard, stressful or when I am feeling happy, joyful and want to reflect.

For other people the sound of harps soothing tunes, the banging on a construction site or the sound of the wind blowing through the trees, rustling the leaves, helps us to de-stress and enables us to bring stillness to our lives.

Some of us may not even realise what our sound, music or rhythm is but we all have one that has a massive effect on us as human beings.  For example the sound of the sea for me stills my mind, calms my body and in turn I feel relaxed. Resulting in my body realising melatonin and nitric oxide, relaxing my blood vessels, releasing soothing endorphin’s, reducing my heart rate and slows down my breathing. All of that happens naturally to my body, by just sitting and listening to the rhythm of the back drop of my life the sea.

Sound, music and rhythm that resonates with you also has a dramatic effect on your immune system too. After listening to your life’s sound your immunity levels go up by 12 ½ % – 15%, helping your body to further heal. In fact there is no part of our body that is not affected; even our memory is affected by sound, music, rhythm. As we listen to our life sound our memory bank floods open and allows us to recall all the happy times in our life that are associated with our sound.

I have a client who listens to heavy metal when they are feeling over whelmed or stressed because it not only calms and de-stresses her but it also brings back happy memories of her childhood and  the excitement she felt going to her first heavy metal concert with her friends.

There have been many studies and I am sure more to come on the effect sound, music, rhythm has on our mind, body and soul as well as the healing we receive from them, here are a few examples;

Stress – A german and British researcher published a study in the Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, that singing in tune or out of tune is a powerful way to combat stress and lowers the stress hormone cortical. In fact they found the more intense the singing or music we listened to the greater our stress levels are reduced.

Depression – A study by the England’s Royal College of Music, found that drumming or music with a strong beat to it helped patients better than being on the drug Prozac. The patients who participated in a weekly drumming session were reported to have experienced significantly reduced symptoms to those patients who did not take part in the drumming sessions.

Immune Dysfunction – Also the England’s Royal College of Music found during their study that drumming has a dramatic effect on our immune function and our natural anti-inflammatory response, allowing our bodies to heal naturally and quicker.

Chronic Pain – Lancaster University found in their studies, that we are better able to manage chronic pain after listening to harp music for just 20 minutes. Because listening to harp music decreases our anxiety, lows our blood pressure and relives the psychological symptoms of chronic pain.

Alzheimer’s disease – Florida’s university of Miami School Of Medicine, found that Alzheimer’s patients who attended music therapy for four weeks experienced increased levels of calming and the brain chemical melatonin, than those patients who did not take part in music therapy.

There is a sound, a type of music, a rhythm that has a compelling effect on our health, weather that’s the beat of a drum, the sound of the sea or heavy metal music.  It can even be as simple as the sound of birds singing, as Belgium researchers found in their study, that birds singing helps drown out the stress full effects of heavy traffic noise. And Korean scientist found people who listen to birds singing helps them feel less anxious when in crowded places.

Or other research has found blues music slows the heart rate down, rock music boosts energy and listening to reggae can help control anger.

Why do we like music?

Image taken from Pinterest 

This massive sound track we are living our lives in has so many crucial benefits to our wellbeing throughout our mind, body and soul. Let alone being a powerful engine which moves us through the cycle of our life.

Please share your sound, song, music, rhythm that has a compelling effect on you and your health in the comment box below.

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