Does a spoon full of honey keep the doctor away?


I hold my hand up and wave them all around, as far as I am concerned honey really is the bee’s knees and is one of my best friends. I go through so much honey in my house because I add it to drinks, meals, as well as using honey as part of my natural first aid kit and beauty supplies. Yep you guessed it I am slightly obsessed with honey and after all if it’s good enough for Winnie The Poo it’s good enough for me!

Ok so here is a little bit of history of honey; Honey has been the nectar of wellbeing for thousands of years, dating as far back as 6,000 years. It is traditionally used as an Ayurvedic medicine, where it is thought to be effective at treating imbalances in the body. The ancient Egyptians used honey to heal wounds during battles and the ancient Greeks believed that if you consumed honey you would live longer.

Although honey is made up of mostly simple sugars and water, it has many amazing medical and nutritional properties such as;

  • Vitamin C,D,E,K and B-Complex
  • Beta-Carotene
  • Natural antibiotic
  • Minerals
  • Enzymes
  • Essential oils
  • Antioxidants

Even the colour of honey counts, the darker the honey as well as unpasteurized or unfiltered honey contain more nutrients, even more nutrients than buckwheat or avocado. But be careful of fake honey (yes there is a lot on the market) as ultra – purified honey has all traces of pollen removed and cheap very pale honey have been so highly processed that it no longer contains any nutritional or medicinal benefits all.

So there’s the basic facts about honey but what about the actual health benefits and how to take advantage of honeys amazing properties?

Colds, Coughs and Flu

Yep your grandma was right, a good old hot toddy or boiled water with honey, fresh lemon, cinnamon and ginger is well known to alleviate the symptoms of colds and flu. (Sometimes I add turmeric instead of cinnamon depending on how I am feeling.)


A drop of honey on spots or pimples is known to reduce their severity due to the anti-bacterial properties found in honey.

Wounds, Burns and Ulcers

For the same reason as acne, gauze smeared with honey and applied to the skin can sooth and help prevent infection.


A spoonful of honey in your chamomile tea is just the perfect tonic for inducing relaxation.

Menstrual Cycle

Honey stimulates the production of Omega-6 fatty acid that helps regulates the hormonal process.


Alcohol is the livers worst enemy, causing dehydration, thirst and nausea. The winning combo of fresh lemon and honey in some warm water is a great detoxifying combo and will reduce the effects of alcohol.  (This combo is also really good to drink first thing in the morning before you eat anything because it helps to kick start your metabolism.)

Dry Skin

Honey is like natures answer to moisturiser as is an excellent ingredient for bath time. Add a spoon full of honey to your bath water and enjoy an relaxing soak while the honey works its magic moisturising your skin.

Ageing skin

Honey’s nourishing properties are a godsend to aging skin, never mind the foundation of youth; Honey mixed with evening primrose oil and lavender essential oil will enhance a youthful glow. Use just likes a mask, rinsing off gently with a splash of warm water.

Dry Hair

Mix honey with olive oil (or coconut oil) together, and then apply the mixture directly to your dry hair, wrap a towel over your head and allow the honey and oil mixture to soak into your hair for around half an hour. Then apply your shampoo (while your hair is still dry as this will help the water cut through the oil), rise your hair and enjoy the glossy effects of this nourishing hair ointment.

Like I said in the beginning honey to me is not just a sugar substitute; it’s an all round magical herbal medicine and I hope after reading this you come to love honey as much as I do.

Oh and of course it goes without saying, if you haven’t done so already, ditch that unhealthy refined white sugar and replace it with some yummy Winnie The Poo honey.

Please share in the comments below how do you use honey on a day to day basis to stay healthy?

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