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Is Turmeric Your Best Friend?


I fell in love with turmeric as few years ago when I had tonsillitis and the only thing I could manage to do was gargle fluid and sip on warm drinks. Turmeric also known as Sri Kamta, which literally means “The one who bestows happiness and prosperity.”

Because this bright yellow enchanting spice holds incredible healing powers as it supports multiple health benifits;

  • Pain killer
  • Enhances the digestive system
  • Cleanses the body of toxins
  • Purifies the blood
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Boost the immune system
  • Reduces water retention
  • Packed full of antiseptic properties

How can we use turmeric to help our body heal?

Thrush, Sore throat, Oral herpes, or any other kind of oral infection and throat issues

  • Add a pinch or 2 of turmeric powder into a sauce pan with a cup of water.
  • Bring to the boil and then allow to cool until it’s warm enough to drink.
  • The turmeric will help clear the infection in your mouth and clear the lungs of any further infection.

Antibacterial mouth wash

  • Mix one teaspoon to warm water, making sure its mixed well.
  • Then gargle for a few minutes before spitting it out.
  • Repeat as often as you feel needed.

Post accident trauma

  • Add turmeric to whole milk and heat until boiling.
  • Then pour into a cup and add a spoon full of honey.
  • You can also add cardamom and dates if you desire.

You can find the full recipe for this drink also known as ‘Golden Milk Tea’ here

 Cuts and bruises

  • Mix turmeric powder and water together until you have made a past. (Tip add a drop of water at a time as you don’t need very much paste.)
  • Apply directly onto your cut or bruise and leave on for a couple of hours.
  • You may want to apply a bandage or large plaster over the area to avoid knocking or rubbing off your turmeric past.

Minimizing dark spots, blemishes or wrinkles on the face & help with combating acne

  • Mix a teaspoon of turmeric powder with 3 table spoons of coconut oil and mix together until you have made a paste.
  • Rub in well all over you face.
  • Rinse off with warm water.

When To Avoid Turmeric.png

 Tell me what you think in the comments, do you use turmeric a lot in your diet to help you keep healthy or do you use turmeric as an aid to heal certain health issues? 

Share this post if you have friends who need this info.

Emma xx



4 thoughts on “Is Turmeric Your Best Friend?”

    1. Hi Devbabbar, yes I totally agree with you turmeric is an amazing spice, Thank you for your feed back, its very much appreciated. If there are any subjects you would like me to cover please do say and I will. All the best Emma xx


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