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Could Your Office Job Be Harming Your Health?


If you spend your work day hunched over your desk all day, you are not alone! I see many people who come to me at Wabi-Sabi Holistic Therapy with posture issues due to still and strained muscles. In fact recent research has also found you are not alone; A poll of 2000 office workers in Britain carried out by AXA PPP health care found that nearly half of the people they spoke to sit at their desk for 4 – 6 hours per a day, with 1 -4 people sitting at their desk for 7 – 8 hours a day.

Spending so much time sitting down and staying in the same position for long periods of time can lead to a range of health problems such as; Increased risk of diabetes, heart and circulatory disease, muscle shortening and tension and a range of other health problems according to the British Heart Foundation.

Completing just 20 minutes of stretching your muscles during the working day can help decrease health issues you may experience due from spending too much time sitting at your desk in the same position. So much so Currys, PC World and Fitbit have teamed up with celebrity personal trainer James Stirling to introduce more movement to their office workers day by using the following stretches.

Stretches to Do at Work Every Day


Images from weight loss for all

Tell me what you think in the comments, do you think you could do these stretches easily at your desk?

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Emma xx

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