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The Best Reasons to Break a Sweat


Sweating can be embarrassing, whether you’re breaking into a sweat at the gym, walking down the street, sat at your desk or spending the night on the town.  Although it can be embarrassing, sweating gives you a huge health boost by strengthening your immune system and giving you healthy looking skin.

Sweating is the way our body and skin protects its self from overheating and increasing our blood circulation. With the chemical makeup of our sweat depending largely on the food and drink we digest. Although the salty taste of sweat comes from the high concentration of sodium with smaller amounts of potassium, chloride and magnesium.

We are born with anywhere between 2 million and 4 million sweat glands, and the number of such glands you have will determine, in how much you sweat. These sweat glands are made up of two different types;

Eccrine Sweat gland – This gland produces a watery substance that acts as a cooling function to regulate our body’s temperature. Our eccrine glands are many found on our eye brows, hands, feet and large areas of our body.

Apocrine sweet glands – Produces thicker plasma like substance which is made up of fatty acids and protein by products. These apocrine sweat glands are triggered into action by emotional stress, this type of sweat smells worse than any other type of sweat and are the type that ruins your clothes and makes a bad smell. Our apocrine glands can be found in our genitals, anus, armpits and scalp.

Do men and women sweat differently?

No, they don’t although it has been reported in a research paper by Osaka International University that women don’t sweat as much as men do, due to carrying less body fluid than men and there for sweat less because their body is protecting its self from dehydration.  If this is the case us women need to drink a lot more and should be making hydration a priority.  

What are the health benefits of breaking out into a sweating?

Boosts Endorphins – Sweating is expected while we are taking part in a heart pumping exercise routine at the gym or while we are enjoying a brisk walk. This type of exercises increases the levels of our “feel good” endorphin hormones that are naturally released during physical activity and by increasing these endorphin levels we experience less pain while we are working out.

Detoxifies The Body – One of the most effective was to detox your body is to sweat. Sweating flushes the body of substances such as cholesterol and salt, by releasing them through the sweat conduit. Sweating not only detox’s our whole body of these toxins but also unclogs our pores leaving us with radiant skin.

Lowers Kidney Stone Risk – Sweating is an effective way of releasing the build up of salt from the body and retaining the calcium our body needs for our bones. By doing this the body limits the about of salt and calcium that is in our kidneys and urine, which is where kidney stones come from. A study by American Urological Association found taking a walk for a couple of hours can cut the risk of developing kidney stones.

Prevent Colds And Other Illnesses – Sweating can actually help you fight germs as sweat contains antimicrobial peptides that are effective in fighting against viruses, bacteria and fungi. Researchers have found these natural antimicrobial peptides are more effective than long term antibiotics because the germs are not capable of quickly developing resistance to them, due to our natural antibiotic being activated in salty and slightly acidic sweat.  

Any type of exercise that gets our heart pumping causes us to sweat and exercising in an warm environment (during the summer, heated room etc..) will cause us to sweat more.  We can also induce sweating by sitting in sauna, which heats our bodies tissues, which then enhances our natural metabolic processes and increases circulation which in turn helps oxygenate our tissues.

It’s important though to remember no matter what type of activity we take part in that causes us to sweat, especially heavy sweating, our body loses valuable fluids and electrolytes. Staying hydrated while taking part in any physical activity that causes us to sweat is extremely important. Drinking coconut water alone or mixed with Himalayan salts (you can mix a quarter teaspoon of Himalayan salt with 3 litters of water) will naturally replace the electrolytes you have lost through sweating.

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Emma xx

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