Positive Ways To Start Your Day


Having a good start to your day is the simple difference between having a mentally and physically good day, where everything goes to plan and some exciting unexpected things happen during the day and having a terrible day, where no goes to plan, your stress levels are so high that you can’t see anything good may happen before the day is over. In order to have more good days than not so good, we need to start the day on a positive footing but even though this sounds easy, unfortunately it isn’t or we would all be starting every day positive and everyday would be a good day. 

Starting my day on a positive footing is something I have to work on everyday because the moment I wake up in the morning,  the things I do, think and feel create the foundation for the rest of my day. If my main goal in the morning was just to go through the motions of have a shower, get my kids ready and walking out the door on time, I can not guarantee my day is going to go as planned or completely fall apart. But starting my day with positive preparation from what I eat for breakfast (building a strong body) to the way I think (having a peaceful mind).  I have a better chance of  having a fulfilling good day and being prepared for any unexpected challenges that may come my way during the day. After all being a working mum, I can almost guarantee there will be lots of unexpected challenges everyday that I will need to deal with but by having a positive start to my day and having a peaceful mind, I have the tools to deal with these unexpected challenges, resulting in positive out comes instead of being overwhelmed with stress.  

From my personal experience of changing the chances of me having a good day, rather than having a bad day, I have incorporated some changes along the way, to the way my day starts. 

The Morning Starts The Night Before – Ask anyone who knows me well and they will all tell you the same thing, if I don’t get at least 8 hours sleep every night then I turn into the most miserable, unpleasant person you would not want to meet. Resulting in nothing in my day going to plan, everything in my life falling apart because I am so tired, I am unable to mentally deal with it, let alone physically. So I make sure I go to bed around 9 / 10 pm every night, with a good book or a pod cast to listen to before I drift off for a good 8 hours sleep. This way my mood is upbeat the following day, my mind and physical body is well rested to deal the day ahead and I can mindfully make the right decisions when unexpected things crop up. For me 8 hours sleep = happy Emma = happy kids = happy husband = happy life. 

What You listen To Has An Effect On You –  I use to,  like a lot of people get up and turn the radio on to hear the news and the weather report first thing in the morning. But over time I found that actually by listening to the news first thing in the morning had an negative effect on my mental mood. This is because, a lot of what we hear or watch on the news are about the most terrible things that are going on around the world / in the next town or city to us. There are very few positive things ever mentioned in the news with my mind sucking in all this negativity and unconsciously adapting my mind from a  positive thought process to a negative one. So I changed my routine and instead of turning the news on first thing in the morning while I got ready for the day, I listen to a mindful pod cast or put on some soothing music which not only keeps my mood positive but triggers the positive interceptors in me. 

Healthy Food – I have mentioned before how I use to skip breakfast because I never felt I had the time to eat before I left the house in the morning. But by not fueling my body with the necessary nutrients it needed in order to be able to function on the day of head was having a negative effect on how my day was going to pan out. Starting the day by fueling my body with what it needs increases my mental and physical energy and enables me to be more productive, resulting in having a good day. 

Simple Exercises – I get up early before the rest of my house so I can have some me time and do positive things that will not only help me grow as a person but also set my day off on the right foot. When my mornings where full of just getting everybody out of the door on time, I could almost guarantee that my day would be filled with appointments, family commitments etc … until I went back to bed and I had no time for even a simple 5 minute walk to exercises my body. By changing my routine, I now have time to spend at least 20 minutes of yoga before the house wakes up. By spending these 20 minutes exercising I am boosting my metabolism and stretching my body ready for the strain I am going to inflicting onto it during the rest of the day.

Positive Ways To Start Your Day (1)

Telling yourself you are going to be positive, no matter what the day happens during the day, I know can be extremely hard. Especially if our day has lots of unexpected elements to it such as having some bad news, receiving a frustrating phone call or being on the receiving end of someone else having a bad day. But no matter what unexpected challenges the day may offer to you, if you have started the day with a positive mindful foundation we are able to deal with these situations better with less stress and less negative reactionary responses. 

How have you adapted your morning routine to ensure your day starts and ends on a positive note? 

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Emma xx



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