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Are you experiencing “Text Neck” ?


Are you finding more and more each day you are getting back and neck pain, headaches and shoulder stiffness?  There is a reason for this, “Text Neck” after all Modern gadgets are like candy for the brain!

But they are a pain in the neck, literally, never before have we had so many technical gadgets to play with, which are all great fun, don’t get me wrong, I am just as addicted to my smart phone as the next person.

So what is “Text Neck”? Smartphones for example cause us to drop our heads forward and down, which increases the stress on our neck, back and shoulders. Now to be honest if we only dropped our head down like this a couple of times in our lifetime it would not cause us to much trouble. But that’s not the case, we are addicted to our smartphones, because we want to be in constant communication with everybody and in the know about what is happening in the world. That’s just basic human behavior but by spending hours in the “text neck” position can lead to health problems;

  • Tension, pain, and stiffness in the neck
  • Wear and tear on the spine, leading to degeneration
  • Pain radiating into your shoulders, arms and hands,
  • Pinched nerves
  • Herniated discs
  • Loss of the neck’s natural curve
  • Headaches (in all parts of your head, forehead and sometimes into your eyes)

Don’t go into a panic (or think I am suggesting for a moment you should stop using your smart phone), there are a few things we can do to reduce the strain we put on our body while texting and surfing Facebook.

  1.  Try and look at your smartphones / tablets with a neutral spine and avoid spending hours each day hunched over them.
  2.  Gentle neck rotations, by looking gently to the left and right. Doing this 10 times each side  will help prevent neck stiffness.
  3. Take regular exercises like yoga or pilates which are  focused heavily on posture.
  4. Have regular massages, as massage targets the muscles in your neck, arms and upper back which helps relieve the pain. Receiving regular massage will also  coax muscles back to their intended position and increase blood flow to the area to promote permanent healing from “text neck”. A one-hour sessions once a week for 3 to 4 weeks appears to work best.

Tell me what you think in the comments!

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Emma xx

1 thought on “Are you experiencing “Text Neck” ?”

  1. Totally cool post on what the Text Neck is and ways to get rid of it! Being a media student, its so hard to be away from your phone as social media, as it is right now, is at its epitome of social communication. But at the same time, regardless of how amazing the technological platform is, we also don’t realise the toll it takes on our body if usage patterns are not moderated. Text Neck is a prime example of this, as we don’t even realise that we are constantly putting muscle strain on our bodies, and developing bad posture, simply due to the habits developed from looking down at our phones for long periods of time. What’s worse is that for the younger generations who are born into this world of technology, they grew up living this way – with the bad postures and head down, and this is considered the norm for them. ALSO, as they are still growing, this could potentially cause permanent cervical damage to their spines if they don’t correct it. It’s sad to think that not many people know of the issue, or link related neck/back pain to this problem! We all need to be educated more in these instances, instead of governments ads/notices focussing on issues such as text driving, which although is an important issue is not one that is likely to occur to a wide majority of the publics.

    Here, check out our blog if your interested in staying tuned and sharing your thoughts on this societal issue, or join our movement by following us on Facebook or Twitter!

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