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Why I Am In Love With Grounding My Self To The Earth


Think back to the last time you walked barefoot across the beach or through a park and how you felt. Did you feel relaxed, refreshed and happy? Well here is why you felt all those things.

I spend 96% of my time during the day, walking around barefoot. For as long as I can remember I have never liked shoes, they feel constricting and my feet begin to hurt if I’m in shoes for too long. But when you think about it, I am not doing anything new because for thousands of years our ancestors walked barefoot everywhere before foot ware was ever thought about, let alone designed. 

A few years back I learnt that all this walking around in bare feet was actually good for my health and there was a name for it “Earthing” or “Grounding”. I have to admit when I found this out I had to smile, as it brought back so many memories of being told by my parents, “Will you just put your shoes on”! 

It turns out there is a magical thing that happens when you spend time walking around out side in nature with no shoes on. I mean its a well known fact that the earth surface possesses a limitless and continuously renewed supply of free or mobile electrons. But did you know your feet, especially the balls of your feet are really, really good at receiving this energy from the earth? 

Ok this is the geeky bit; Our bodies run on a type of electrical current that sends electrical signals all over our body telling it what to do. For example our brain, heart beat and neurotransmitter activity all rely on electrical signals.  When our skin comes into contact with the earth’s surface, it acts as a conductor (earthing or grounding), pulling all the positive electrons (free radicals) from our body and neutralizing all the damaging free radicals (also called “oxidative stress”) we have.

Why because if we get a build up of free radicals they can cause inflammation in different parts of our body and can also lead to other health issues. Therefore by earthing or grounding you are allowing the electrical force coming off the earth, to  lower inflammation and fight damaged free radicals within your body. 


The great news is, any connection to the earth’s surface with your bare feet counts, as the earth’s electricity can be conducted through concrete that’s on top of the ground as well as digging you bare feet into the earth it’s self. Although for me its more fun to dig my feet into some mud, than walking around on some concrete slabs. The other bit of good news, is you don’t have to be walking around bare feet for hours and hours each day to experience and get the benefit from earthing or grounding. Just by connecting with the earth’s electrical current for a few minutes you will benefit, but of course the more you do it and the longer you walk bare feet the more benefit you will receive. 

What Are The Heath Benefits Of Earthing  Your Self ?

 Boost your immune system – Our immune system depends on a fresh supply of electrons in order to function properly because these electrons within our immune system have the strongest antioxidant effect within our body. Therefore these electrons are important to keep topped up so we stay healthy.

Synchronizing our biorhythms – Earthing resets our bodies natural rhythm which is not only good for our heart but is also good for our nervous system and rebalancing our stages of sleep.

Lowering Stress – The process of just taking your shoes off and walking across a grassy park or beach de-stresses us and as we de-stress our cortisol (hormone that causes ageing and abdominal fat)  levels automatically lower.

Increased Energy Levels – When our stress hormone is lowered, our sleep is balanced and our body has less inflammation are natural energy levels are increased.

Improved Posture – Walking barefoot helps improve balance, posture and prevents common foot injuries. This is because shoes restrict vital muscles in the feet that play an important role in movement and stability similar to the core muscles in the abdomen.

Top health benefits of earthing

So who’s joining me by kicking off their socks and shoes, walking barefoot across a sandy beach or a lush green park, while grounding them selves to the earth?

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Emma xx

1 thought on “Why I Am In Love With Grounding My Self To The Earth”

  1. I’m exactly the same! I can’t wear shoes any longer than I have too, and even socks feel constricting. I’ve got super fluffy ones for the winter that have plenty of space for my toes to move around in, but a normal pair? No thanks! Good to know there are some benefits!

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