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How Much Does Sage Benefit Our Health?



The Chinese were keen on sage, believing it cured sterility. The Romans  thought it would heal just about anything as they saw sage as the miracle plant and indeed the root word from the Latin ‘salvare’ means to ‘heal’ or to ‘save’.  With its association with wisdom and ability to bestow ‘long life’,sage remained a very popular herb throughout the centuries.  

Sage was also an ingredient of many nerve tonics during the middle ages and the actual herb was used to clean gums and whiten teeth.  Sage tea was a popular beverage in England before China and Indian teas where important. 

Using sage in very small doses, it can have a calming effect on the nerves by soothing the parasympathetic nervous system. Which is why sage oil  is sometimes recommended to use for tiredness, depression or grief. 

Relaxation Essential Oil Blend

How does sage effect the body? 

Has a beneficial effect on the female reproduction system since it imitates the hormone oestrogen, thereby regulating the menstrual cycle. Also valuable for menopausal problems, particularly excessive sweating and good for treating vaginal thrush. 

Very good for the digestive system, especially if you are suffering from either loss of appetite or constipation. Sage also helps with the flow of urine and is effective against water retention. 

Clears mucus from the palate, throat and stomach and has a healing action on mouth ulcers and gingivitis. 

Has an effect on glandular disorders by helping lymphatic flow and raises low blood pressure as it has a cleansing action on the circulatory system. 

Helpful with colds, catarrh, bronchitis and bacterial infections generally due to it antiseptic properties, as well as helping to control perspiration.

Has a pain relieving action which can be helpful with over-exercised or limp muscles and has been found to really help in cases of fibrositis (a kind of inflammation of muscle), torticollis (general stiff neck) and easing trembling.

Sage Honey

How do you incorporate sage into your holistic health routine?

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Emma xx

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