10 Reasons To Start Walking


Sneaking in a few minutes of a day  to go for a walk can transform your health, body and mind!

I am personally not a person who enjoys going to the gym and watching my fat jump up and down in the mirror while I am trying my best to get fit. I am a yoga and walking girl, gentle on my body and I don’t have to look at my self in a mirror.

I am also not a brick and mortar sort of girl, I love being outdoors in mother nature where I can suck in oxygen, enjoy my natural surroundings which helps raise my serotonin levels and triggers the primal regions of my brain as well as my psyche.  Not for getting that being out in nature stimulates my senses, increases my feelings of well being, lowers my anxiety and by exposing my self to lots of natural day light, increases my vitamin D levels as well as optimising my hormones, which is another reason walking suits me better.

Interesting Facts About Walking

Walking is such an underestimated form of exercise that a lot of us over look. One of the questions I ask my clients that come in to see me is; Do you exercises occasionally or regularly? I have lost count of the amount of people who say they don’t ever exercise and then latter in the conversation they tell me how they walk their dog daily for an hour. We seem to have this mind set these days, that exercise is something more complicated than just putting one foot in front of another. I think this is due to way exercising is protraded on social media, adverts on the television and main stream media reports. 

Here are my top 10 reasons why we should start walking 

Walking Reduces Stress – When you are having those days at work where you are pulling your hair out, take a walk! A lunch time walk has been proven to help us de-stress, leaving us feeling calmer and in control. 

Helps Concentration – Our work and home life has our brain consistently accepting information from a multiple supply of sources all at the same time. A walk to clear your head dies just that. Open green spaces are great for allowing our brains to rest from the information overload.

Better For Our Heart Than Running – According to recent research our risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and cholesterol is reduced dramatically more by walking, than running.

Walking Helps Prevent Depression – Over many years mental health studies has been looking at the connection between walking and depression. They have found that walking can actually reduce the symptoms of becoming depressed and the symptoms you experience while you are going through a state of depression. Just by going for a walk with a close friend they have found has a significant positive impact on your well-being. 

Encourages Creativity – While you are walking, you brain begins to recover from fatigue. By rejuvenating your mind while out walking through a park, woods or beach allows the creative side of your brain to flow.

Confidence – Walking not only improves your over all mood but also strengthens muscles as well as burning fat, changing the over all way we look. When we are unhappy with our body, our confidence levels drop but when we are happy with the way we look our confidence over flows from the inside out. Hold you head up high and beam out that smile. 

Strengthens Relationships – Setting time aside to walk with your partner encourages conversation to flow and full concentration on what the other person is saying without the distraction of technology. Walking is also a great way to connect with our children and close friends.

Improve Complexion – Brisk walking causes us to sweat, which has a positive impact on our skin. As we sweat during a brisk walk, toxins from our body are released, boosting oxygen and blood flow to the skin, leaving us with a natural glow. 

Improved Sleep Patterns –  Because walking promotes a better night sleep by resting our internal body clock with natural light and stimulating our brain to function at the right level. Which then allows our body to go into  a restful state when the sun goes down.

Encourages An Active Sex Life – Through daily walking our body confidence, concentration and creativity is increased, as well as our stress levels are lowered. Resulting in us being more interested in the bedroom fun rather than feeling tired all the time. 

Where is you most favourite place to go walking?





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