Embracing Change Is Good For Our Health

Embracing Change Is Good For Our Health

Life is a roller coaster packed full of ups and downs, some unexpected and others expected. With each change of direction our life journey takes with we need  a positive mind set to embrace the change. 

Like a lot of people there have been times in my life where something has cropped up and the direction I am have been heading in takes a u-turn, sometimes for the good and other times it has felt like the rug has just been pulled from underneath me. When these things crop up, I have not always dealt with them in a healthy way. Sometimes I have jumped full steam at 100% miles an hour and other times I have sunk into my self and tried to hide from the situation. But what I have learnt along my journey is that I needed to change my mind set of how I deal with change when life throws me a curve ball. 

I learnt a technique I call the umbrella effect, which not only shelters my heart, keeps my mind set positive, moves me forward with my healing and my life’s journey.

The Umbrella Effect

Protection from the clouds – Don’t stand underneath the grey clouds of disappointment, protect your self by looking and seeing the positive in the life changes you going through. Find your inner lion / lioness and grab  hold of your courage, step forward with an open heart and embrace the positive that lies ahead.

By embracing the positive that lies ahead does not mean that what has happened before in your journey is going to end or be forgotten. Every thing that happens in our life, happens so we can learn and grow as a person. Don’t grieve or cry for what was but laugh and smile at the opportunities that lie ahead. Every change we experience along the way,  weather we think it’s positive or a negative, are all a stepping stone to new chapters of our lives.

Don’t begrudge the experience – Focus on what you’ve gained from life, rather than what you think or feel you are having to give up, as being focused will help you move through the change a lot easier. 

My life has gone through many, many, changes to the point where I don’t really recognise who I was 20 years ago when I was bringing up my son on my own. Although I don’t recognise who I was then, I have learnt so much along the way through the experiences of  life’s changing cycle. All these changes positive and negative,  have moulded me into the person I am today.  

By realizing that change does not end things, by focusing on life’s lessons and personal growth, I am mentally focused and ready for the next challenge coming my way. 

Embrace Change







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