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Breathing Techniques To Reduce Stress

Breathing Techniques To Reduce Stress

When life gets busy, you feel like you are in a whirl wind with too much going on around you and you can feel your stress levels begin to rise, how do you cope?

One easy way I find in these situations, is I take a deep breath, filling my whole body with air, holding on to that breath for a few seconds before breathing out. I repeat this a few times over and over again, slowly breathing out the stress that is building up inside me. 

 Why does this  work? Controlled breathing or paying attention to your breath creates a relaxation response because as  you breath in you are gently distracting your mind from thoughts and all the stress full stuff that’s going on around you.  Which in turn reduces the stress you are feeling, eases anxiety, slows down your heart rate, lowing your blood pressure and promotes clear thinking. 

 I have personally found doing a simple breathing exercise has helped me with my long-term stress management, when dealing with all sorts of different situations.  By dedicating 10 minutes each day to focusing on your breathing, you will see dramatic results on how you are managing your self during times of stress. It really does not matter where you are, just spend 10 minutes quietly focusing on breathing in and out and see the results for your self!

 There are many different focused breathing techniques you can use and here are my favourite ones.

Breathing Exercises

Which is your favourite stress busting  breathing  exercise?

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