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Top 10 Tips For Boosting Energy

10 tips for boosting energy

We have all experienced those days where we lack energy, all we want to do is curl up and go to sleep and it takes every last bit of energy to get motivated in taking part in the most simplest of activities.  Here are my top ten easy tips to boost your energy levels.

  1. Increase your magnesium intake – If you feel like your energy is draining away on a daily basis you may have have a slight magnesium deficiency. The recommended daily intake of magnesium is around 300 milligrams for women and 350 milligrams for men. To make sure you’re getting enough, eat a handful of almonds, hazelnuts or cashew nuts every day or eat more fish, especially halibut to boost your magnesium intake. 

  2. Stretch and breath – Deep breathing from the base of your stomach helps get the blood flowing, while stretching awakens your brain and muscles.  

  3. Get outside – Studies have found, if you increase your physical activity (particularly walking) this will in turn increase your energy levels. Taking a brisk 10-minute walk not only increased energy levels straight away but the effects can last up to two hours.

  4. Essential oils – Diffusing citrus essential oil have been shown to help uplift and improve your mood, while Frankincense, Peppermint, and Rosemary are beneficial in invigorating the senses. By rolling on a energy boosting blend of essential oils to your pulse points will also help boost your mind and body and overcome that feeling of . 

  5. Don’t Skip Meals – Studies have shown that people who don’t skip breakfast not only are in a better mood but have more energy throughout the day. They have also found missing any meal through out the day leads to a greater feeling of fatigue through out the day. 

  6. Stay Hydrated – Sometimes even slight dehydration can leave us feeling us tired, drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated keeps our energy levels topped up. But stay away from sugary drinks as these can dehydrate us instead of hydrating us. 

  7. Get an Aromatherapy massage – The invigorating effects of essential oils used with an aromatherapy massage can not only help you re-centre and reduce stress but can also boost your energy levels. 

  8. Have a power snack – Carbs offer us a quick pick me up, proteins keep our energy up and good fats make our energy last longer. Try snaking on peanut butter on a whole-wheat cracker, or some yoghurt with a handful of nuts when you need an energy boost between meals. 

  9. Take a power nap –  Research has found when we overload our brains with too much information our energy levels can rapidity drop. Taking a 60-minute “power nap” will boost our energy levels and help us to better retain what we have learned. 

  10. Good night sleep – Its important your body gets enough rest at night, as it uses this time to self-heal and re-energise ready for the following day. Taking a sleep supplement before you go to bed packed full of  vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients will help you get a good night sleep, which in turn reduces  fatigue and tiredness the following day. 

What is your favourite technique to boost your energy levels? 

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