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My name is Emma, I am the wild child, with the soul of a hippy and the heart of a gypsy behind Wabi-Sabi Holistic Therapy.  First of all I would like to thank you for popping by and checking out Wabi-Sabi Holistic Therapy, if you have any questions please get in contact.

Here at Wabi-Sabi Holistic Therapy I specialise in empowering  women through the use of a variety of techniques. But before you can start your powerful journey of healing and personal growth we need to go right back to the start and that comes from within you!

Do you comfortable being yourself in all situations?

If you’re like most people, you’re 90% yourself when you’re with close friends, 50% yourself with casual acquaintances, and hide yourself from strangers. Being your true self in all settings and situations is scary, but ultimately empowering and relaxing.

Imagine the relief you’ll experience!

When you no longer have to worry about the perceptions of others. You can just be yourself and feel satisfied with that.

Be yourself and take back control of your life:

Meditate – Meditation quiets the part of you that judges and labels everything around you. Gain some insight into the real you by meditating regularly.

Tell the truth –  When you’re are truthful, you reveal yourself. Be honest about your mistakes and shortcomings.

Be unique – The true you isn’t exactly like everyone else. What music do you listen to when you’re alone? How do you dress? Do you keep the unique parts to yourself or are you willing to share them with the world?

Notice your crutches and get rid of them – Rocky road ice cream? Mindless internet surfing? A double vanilla café latte? Using crutches to deal with boredom, anxiety or uncertainty is blocking you from seeing the truth.

  • What is the purpose of a particular crutch? Stop using it and see for yourself.

Examine the areas in your life that feel inauthentic – When and where do you feel like you’re lacking authenticity? Often it will be during interactions with strangers, first dates, new social experiences, and more formal occasions.

  • A lack of authenticity can also occur when you spend time with your parents and siblings. They just don’t seem to want you to change, so you fall back into your old roles.
  • Think about the times you’re inauthentic and ask yourself why.

Spend your time on things you enjoy – What do you really enjoy? Are part of a group so you’ll fit in? Would you rather be taking rumba lessons? Spend your free time on the things that you’re most passionate about.

Do one thing you want to do but are afraid to try – The people at the office might laugh if you take up karate or take an acting class. However, secretly, they’ll be jealous that you have the nerve to do something unconventional. Everyone you know is stifled and bored. You can rise above all of that.

Give your opinion – Not necessarily all of the time, but give your opinion if it won’t hurt anyone. Going to see a movie with some friends? Tell them the movie you’d most like to see. The family wants to go to the public pool or the park? Let your opinion be known. Friend whats advice? Be smart give your opinion from a loving place. 

Get outside – An indoor environment is unnatural. The air is heated or cooled. The lighting is artificial. You can’t see the sun, hear the birds, or feel the grass beneath your feet. Get yourself into a more natural environment and you’ll find it easier to be authentic.

Strengthen your boundaries-  Where your boundaries are weak, your true self is being smothered. These are the places we allow others to determine the rules and set the frame. You’ll know these places by the high amounts of energy they drain from you

Overcome your need to fit in and impress others. No matter what you do, some people will be impressed and others won’t. Why worry about it?

You’re an amazing person.

Allow yourself to be that person each and every day.


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” Reflexology-Emma was very friendly and explained the whole process thoroughly. She made me feel better about myself. The treatment itself was lovely. Good pressure although i do prefer it a little harder and great routine. Emma seemed very clued up about the treatment she was giving. Great after-care advice and the feedback of what she found by just touching my feet was amazing. I will definitely be booking her again.”


“My experience was very positive, I came as I really needed work on my strained hamstring. You worked really hard on me for two hours, only charging me for one hour, what a service! You will be pleased know that I managed to complete the half marathon in Bergen, Norway last Saturday; I would say against the odds with a tight hamstring. Clearly the massage did the trick. I will be recommending the facility to others.”


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